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  1. You won’t be able to go as many places or catch any air! JK - experimental 15/46 gearing here.
  2. Flipdizzle

    Dual Sport CRF 230F Mods Advice

    I see what you did there
  3. Flipdizzle

    Dual Sport CRF 230F Mods Advice

    Perhaps another question I should ask before making an order is what header is best for this configuration I'm going for? I defaulted to the FMF but is there another better suited configuration? I do not feel I would reap any benefits from the Outlaw system with such a near-stock setup as I have.
  4. Flipdizzle

    Dual Sport CRF 230F Mods Advice

    adnohguy - Thank you for the level of detail I needed to visualize this and also for the jetting heads-up. I'm gonna go ahead and get the header and Power Ring on the way while pondering on the rear suspension. I have to admit that I have no knowledge of float level adjustment so I will need to do my homework on that. Is there a thread on here somewhere that outlines your mods? Many thanks - Jeff
  5. Flipdizzle

    Dual Sport CRF 230F Mods Advice

    Scott, I believe you and I are on the same path. This "finesse" style of riding you speak of may just be what I am accustomed to (I'm still on the stock 2006 model clutch). My other dual sport ride is a lightly modded '93 XR 650L, which I would like to eliminate the need for. I keep thinking I will set it up for fire roads and longer highway trips but I'm a small framed dude and I don't really like the idea of someone finding my withered body trapped under that 340# big red pig way off in the nether regions of the Southeastern forests. It does have a special place in my heart though. It's simply too hard to beat the reliability, simplicity, potential power-to-weight ratio, and potential suspension combination of the 230F.
  6. Flipdizzle

    Dual Sport CRF 230F Mods Advice

    Thanks - I have watched and enjoyed many of Frickin Jim's videos including the 230 build; he definitely gets down to the level I can understand and appreciate. It's been a little while so I will probably give them another look for additional insight.
  7. Flipdizzle

    Dual Sport CRF 230F Mods Advice

    The money isn't really the issue as I do not plan to sell this bike and I'll be liquidating several other bikes over time to recoup some of the expense. I've had the 230F long enough to know it will do what I need with the proper parts and mods and now it's just a matter of getting the ball rolling. My only concern is wasting time and resources getting the wrong parts for the job (since it seems that there's no market for used aftermarket parts for the 230F) - this is where I was hoping to lean on the experience of others and take the short path. With my current gearing I can cruise around 60mph and top out right at 70mph. This has me needing a little more punch on the really tight trails but it's manageable and I'm getting used to it. I was considering my next power related mod to be an FMF Power Bomb header coupled with the stock muffler and the EO Power Ring, with proper rejetting. I want it to be quiet but flow better. Following good results from that, I would consider increasing the compression slightly for some extra punch. I want to stay with pump gas and maintain sledgehammer reliability.
  8. Hello everyone, I am in the process of researching what upgrades and modifications will make my plated 230F the best all-around dual sport bike it can be for me, within a reasonable budget. So far I have not done very much, just the basics: Uncorked Baja designs headlight / tail light Front forks modified by Bruce Bars, grips, hang guards Dual sport tires that suit my style Aside from the front forks recently being modified, I have been riding this bike for 5+ years in this configuration. The next step I am going to take is either sending my rear shock to Bruce or purchasing a Hagon unit through him. All of that out of the way, I would like to know what engine mods would provide me with the most usable and reliable power where I need it. This bike is a daily driver and early morning/evening/weekend warrior so the terrain varies vastly from stop and go traffic, to 65mph highways, to technical deep-woods hill climbs out of the creek bed in the rain. I need this bike to be my one and only bike that does a little of everything. I already own several other bikes for various uses and will be looking to part with them once this little 230F is setup properly and proven. So in a nutshell - I would like for it to cruise at 65-70mph without wringing it's neck, possibly topping out around 80mph, all while having enough grunt to handle the tight, slow, and technical first gear hills and valleys I often find myself navigating. Any experienced advice would be greatly appreciated! Jeff
  9. Flipdizzle

    Bruce in Now a Direct Hagon Dealer

    Thanks VortecCPI. I have spoke to Bruce about my options and while I am excited he is now dealing Hagon (or will be very soon), I am still considering having him modify my stock shock. I just find it odd that I never see these used shocks for sale anywhere (maybe I'm not looking in the right places). Assuming some folks eventually move on from stock shock modified by Bruce to a new Hagon, Works, or Fox unit.
  10. Flipdizzle

    Bruce in Now a Direct Hagon Dealer

    Why is it so hard to find good used aftermarket parts for these bikes? Bruce has recently whispered life into my 230F forks but now I am really hoping to find a used Triplett modified rear shock (or a Hagon, or Works). Any ideas?