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  1. Haven't seen much mention of the Terror Flex around here lately. But I'm loving mine. Smoother & quieter than many Dirt biased DOT knobbies & fantastic traction on slop, dry rocks, & sand. Not great on wet rocks & roots. But everything a compromise in one way or another. Price isn't obscene & they seem to last a good long while. Used to be quite a few DRZ400's running them. When mine wears out, no doubt I'll be looking for another.
  2. Thor Quadrant ATV boot comes with a "Vibram" sole. Comfortable & only time they weren't waterproof was when I walked through a stream that was about a foot deep..
  3. Ruffus

    Help before I set fire to it!

    Is the fuel fresh?
  4. Ruffus

    2007 compared to 2008 wr250

    Both geared the same?
  5. Ruffus

    My cool lightweight plater

    Sweet. I thought those swingarms were done in the early 80's. I had a street legal 81 IT250. No speedo, no signals, no mirror's, no brake light. LOL Times have changed.
  6. Ruffus

    Leading KTMs changed engines in Dakar

    Many riders changed their engines. From what I read KTM did numerous longevity test's (Dyno runs etc.) and came up with an expected life span for the rally. There recomended engine change was at 50% of that life span. Coma needed a second engine change when the tranny blew on the 13th stage I believe.
  7. Ruffus

    High miles for an 07 TE510

    I have an 06 & my dealer tell's me 20,000 miles should be very doable unless you're racer, or like to keep the throttle pinned alot.
  8. Ruffus

    Mika Ahola

    R.I.P. Mika http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/motorsport/2012/01/16/motorcycling-mourns-the-death-of-enduro-world-champion-mika-ahola-115875-23702750/
  9. Ruffus

    Dakar Thread

    :James has been found, waiting for more info. Edit: From HogWild:More news... James called Mike L just a minute ago and gave more info. He got hit in the eye from a rock while going pretty fast on the highway. He's going to have an MRI or CT scan to see how bad the damage is, but is considering continuing in the race tomorrow depending on what he learns at the hospital and how he feels in the morning. So, things are sounding a bit better now than earlier. Thanks everyone who PM'd me! Sounds optimistic EDIT 2: James is on his way home. The attrition rate on this rally seems higher than normal. Hope James competes next year. I love rooting for our closest neighbors. Hopefully next year there'll be a few Canadian entries. Go Ned!!!!:bonk: Go RG!!!!!!!:lol::lol: Go Nasser!!!!!:lol::lol:
  10. Ruffus

    Dakar Thread

    The latest from HogWild: Finally got through to Rob in the bivouac. I didn't have his number until a minute ago. Rob put Ted (Deadly99) on it. Hope for good news soon!
  11. Ruffus

    Dakar Thread

    Message from HogWild copied from Advrider Originally Posted by HogWild View Post I need help ASAP. James Embro (# 106) had an accident on the highway today and is hurt somewhat badly. We've heard he's been taken to a hospital in Chile but we don't know where or which hospital. We need to get this info to his family and to Kenny who is in Buenos Aires. Do any of you have a phone number for someone in the bivouac who will answer at this hour and who can go to the officials there and find out exactly where James is? Please call me at 310-200-3330. Thanks! Hopefully someone here has contacts
  12. Ruffus

    Quick queston

    Inline fuse wires just as it sounds. Inline. Positive lead -----------fuse-----------battery + Dohhh, I think I misunderstood your question. If you're trying to find your positive wire, use a trouble light with a pointed probe, grounding the wired clamp. You can press the point right into the wire through the plastic sheath. When it lights up, you found your positive wire.
  13. I've always thought the same as you. But lately (the past year) I've been looking to get another vehicle & comparing fuel economy numbers on all the combinations. I prefer manual, & all the manufacturer's mileage listings for the vehicles I've looked at the manuals were either the same, or slightly less in both MPG's & 0 to 60 times. It doesn't make sense to my old school mind, but that's the result's I've read. Unless EPA estimates are grossly off, it's what I've found. P.S. I know there estimates are usually B.S. I heard they rate them at a constant 47 MPH on a closed track. In other words optimum & unrealistic conditions, but for comparisons sake between the different vehicles, I'm assuming they should be somewhat accurate. On a good note, I just picked up this 2002 with a Vortec 5,7. with the cruise control set at 65 MPH, I got 18.6 MPG.. I'm damn happy with that. Got a feeling city mpg's will be considerably less.
  14. You may want to talk with Robertaccio on here or Cafehusky. IIRC he did it with his bike.