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    Making Old Valves work

    Yep, pitting is never good. However, I don't have $125 to take my head to a machine shop to get a valve job done right. Its a '76 Z50A. It was free and it came with a new OEM 1st over piston and rings. I did pay for the cylinder to be bored and honed ($40). For those that may care, I did soak the valves and got them pretty clean. Lapped them, and lapped them....and lapped, and..you get it. This took care of the some of the pitting but not all. The valves ended up with a fairly good seat. I checked for leaks with some gas in the combustion chamber and she held up....for several minutes. Basically, I said screw it. If it doesn't work after I get it back together. I will sell it. I see 'em go for $200-$400 on ebay and they don't run for whatever reason. I have about $50 bucks in this one. Got it all reassembled with fresh gas and oil then kicked it once, just once. To my amazement, it fired up and sounded good. I did some tweaking on the carb to smooth everything out. Now, it runs pretty darn good even with a half a** valve job The moral is, well, there is no moral....really.
  2. I have an old hump o' sh*t im trying to get running. I don't want to sink much money into it since its just a beater. I just want it to run. (That may be asking a lot.) Question is, can I spend sometime cleaning up the valves and lap them several times and eventually get a decent seat, or will all that work be fruitless. The valves had a good amount of carbon build up and were slightly pitted on the face as well as the seat on the head. If I can get them to seat with no leaks, should that suffice (for a beater, anyway.) Thanks for opinions in advance.