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  1. mcdx

    Kx250f piston cylinder wall okay?

    it is wasted. you need to have it replated. anything else is wasting money. Fix it right. Why waste a new piston rings and gaskets to safe $200-250 to have it replated?
  2. mcdx

    Crankcase damage. Help!

    they are matched sets. they are bolted together and line machined. I suspect that the tolerances are close you could get lucky and just replace one half. you could have it welded but this area is under. I'm sure you will get 1000 suggestions.
  3. mcdx

    DRZ 440 begins losing power when hot.

    ditto. Poor running hot I've seen many coils fail this way on other bikes. They get heat soaked and fail to operate correctly.
  4. I hear you. Too little too late, But for me since I bought a left over 2017 FE 450 this year it worked out (I hope). Oberon sounds like a solid way to go. Still waiting for Magura to provide me details on what I should use and what assembly problem they had. I suspect you are right that someone used the wrong lube at the factory.
  5. Magura is standing behind their product and sending out free replacement piston kits to those that contact them directly. They told me it was an assembly issue in the factory no details. The directions my replacement came with say to used the supplied grease(not supplied) to lube the seals before assembly. I assume it is silicone based.
  6. mcdx

    Nikasil plating

    send the piston in with the cylinder. They will match them to fit. Millennium does good work.
  7. mcdx

    2007 YZ450 Overheating

    BTW where is that hill climb? Looks awesome!
  8. mcdx

    2007 YZ450 Overheating

    Would you want to run your coolant temperature to 387F? If you operated this way cylinder head temperatures would easily be over 500F roasting the engine,yet no boil over. Simply raising the boiling point doesn't make your engine run cooler,it simply raises the point at which it doesn't puke coolant out. Having better heat transfer qualities such as pure water is good but it boils at 212F while not under pressure. Under pressure the point at which it boils is even higher. Adding antifreeze raises the boiling point even higher. At some point the heat transfer quality and boiling point ratio reach a point where a higher boil point versus heat transfer quality begin to have diminished returns. I assure you an engine will actually operate at a lower temperature with less than 100% antifreeze to water ratios. How much cooler I can't say,simply pointing out that if it doesn't puke coolant out doesn't mean your engine isn't getting hotter than designed.
  9. mcdx

    2007 YZ450 Overheating

    Not trying to get into a mine is bigger than yours debate. Simply stating facts about how antifreeze(coolant) works. Doesn't discount that you could run straight antifreeze and not have problems, it simply doesn't transfer heat as well as pure water, that is a fact. We are not talking about enormous differences in heat transfer but measurable. 70/30 is a good ratio , any higher is a waste of coolant. Higher pressure cap will do more for boil over protection than 70/30 or 100% coolant.
  10. mcdx

    2007 YZ450 Overheating

    I live in So.Cal too. I've never needed more than 50/50. If you really want to raise the boiling point use a higher pressure cap or go to Evans coolant. As you increase the ratio the actual heat transfer goes down yet the boil point goes up. Sort of like it doesn't boil over now but runs a bit hotter.
  11. mcdx

    2007 YZ450 Overheating

    As many will tell you these are race bike and don't like to put around however check the obvious things like proper coolant level, 50/50 mix is fine. Water is actually better for heat transfer than antifreeze but antifreeze raises the boiling point and reduces corrosion. Proper jetting and a clean idle circuit are a must as well. from your description it doesn't sound like it is actually overheating. going to a 1.6 bar cap will help too.
  12. so the Brembo piston kit and seals fit the Magura? Sounds good. You have a P/N?
  13. Good to know. Magura just sent me a rebuild kit free of charge. Made it a point to ensure I fully lubricate the seal and rotale it CCW and Cw a few time before installing it. Seems if you reach out to them directly they support you.
  14. I'm at 27 hours and 780 miles on my 2017 FE 450. Called Magura waiting on a call back. Mine has not failed yet. Have a call into my dealer as mine is still under the 6mos warranty hoping for a proactive fix. I want options on the ready for the time it fails. I hope the replacmnet parts you received last and the problem is resolved.
  15. mcdx

    YZ 450 piston/crank seize

    should mention I meant magnetic metal pieces!