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  1. Sweet, I hadn't seen any of that footage before
  2. Speed Dreamin

    end piece for white bros. e series

    I looked on their website but couldn't find them. The part #s for the 45mm "End Tips" are 06-231 through 06-237 depending on the color you want. Their number is (714) 692-3404
  3. Speed Dreamin

    Anyone have experience with this?

    I don't have any experience with that particular setup but I would be cautious putting that much weight so far aft of your axel center-line on a Jeep Liberty. Another option might be to buy one of those inexpensive (about $250.00) folding trailers to use for a while until you get your truck. Harbor Freight has one.
  4. Speed Dreamin

    Newbie's First Post

    It's a 32" HD LCD. I just got the garage all dialed in about 3 months ago. Before that it was pretty much a mess.
  5. Speed Dreamin

    Newbie's First Post

    I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I've been out of the motorcycle/quad thing for about fifteen years but just bought a new CRF450R in December. I've had the bike out three times now and I'm really impressed with it. Many of my old riding buddies are on plated XR650Rs setup for Baja and long range stuff so I've probably got one more bike to get this year. Here's a pic of the new bike with my youngest son showing me one of his freestyle moves