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  1. I bought a 2002 drz400s new in 2006 (it was an unusual deal) , now I want to change the tank, but I don't know which yellow color version are my plastics? Is it 2000-2001 yellow or it is 2002 yellow? Here are the pics: I suspect that my yellow is 2001 yellow, but I am not sure. My jersey and pants are Husqvarna yellow (this is much darker yellow than suzuki's). The handguardas are husqvarna yellow too (helmet is another yellow, bought it in yamaha store) Many thanks for comments. Regards Nikolai
  2. I will try to charge it on the bike. Not because I can not buy a charger, just because I am curious if it will or not? I bought the bike new few weeks ago, but it is a 2002 model (a remaining suzuki inventory in Texas), and the battery was just fine, but I dont know why it was discharged, may be because I washed it with a karcher intensively and some cables shorten or because I shorten the clutch safety switch instead of disconnecting it ( I thought it has to be shorten, jjust like kickstart switch, sorry, I not understood it well). I will try this weekend, lets see how many hours it needs to charge. Many thanks to all Nikolai
  3. One question, my baterry got discharged, will it be charged if I bump start and ride the motorcycle for a few hours?
  4. I just found a 43 litres tank for DRZ400 but that's too much:
  5. Wow! Very good tanks! I live in Mexico and 28 litres for a lost rider in the desert will do very well.
  6. Hi, I am searching for the biggest fuel tank available, and I found it is an Acerbis 4.25 Gal. But I have DRZ400S, and here it says that this tank does not fit 400S: Did someone has made it to addapt this tank to 400S ? Or can you recommend me the biggest tank that fits 400S model? Best regards Nikolai
  7. Hi, I am preparing for a big rally (2,000km), what rack mount do you recommend? There is a Suzuki original rack: Looks a bit small, does somebody knows if anything larger exists? I am also looking for tail bag, yellow, for Suzuki, can somebody recommend any? Best regards Nikolai
  8. Hi again! Does somebody has yellow-blue or yellow-green colored suzuki photos? Yellow green should look great, but I didn't find any pic of that on google images. Regards Nikolai
  9. I am 180cm . I would like to get the lowest height possible, because on the mountain it is very comfortable. Gel seat is a good idea. Thanks!
  10. Hi, I am just wondering , how can this be possible that two different brands , Suzuki and Kawasaki made motorcycles (DRZ400 and KLX400) with the same design??? Was that a some strategy or some alliance? Does anyone knows the story? Best regards Nikolai
  11. Mexican gasoline is: Magna - 87 octans Premium - 93 octans The bike will run fine, just buy the gas on the gas station with "PEMEX" logo, if you buy it from local people it can contain water.
  12. Hi, I've got one question: Can the seat on the DRZ400S be ajusted lower it is factory settings? Best regards Nikolai