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  1. Thanks to everyone who responded! Ordered the parts and will send the head to AS to do the work.
  2. It's time to do the conversion to SS valves on my bike, so I've been reading lots of old threads on the subject. The conversion to TRX intakes/springs seems to make the most economic sense. However, my understanding is that the TRX has a 1000-rpm lower rev limit. Has this been a cause for concern with folks who are running this setup? Are you changing to the TRX ignition box, just taking it easy, or revving with abandon with no adverse consequences?
  3. My wife is tired of leaning her KX100 against trees when taking a break on a trailride. Does anyone make a clamp-on side stand for this bike? Moose does not make a clamp-on for KX100 and Steahly only has a universal-fit bolt on. I'd like avoid drilling the swingarm.