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  1. digitallysane

    Sidi Crossfire vs Tech 10

    Of course, be my guest.
  2. digitallysane

    Sidi Crossfire vs Tech 10

    My Tech 10 are made in Italy. I don't know about any steel shaft, could you please point me to the source of this information? Anyway, the Tech 10 have a bootie inside which would make pretty hard for the sweat to get to the sole. I know there are some marketing materials from SIDI that emphasize the shaft thingie as some "solution from our competition". Well I posted my "review" a few posts ago and it says they are VERY protective offroad. And the back of the boot very solid in my experience. i guess experiences vary. As I said, I wanted to get the Crossfires in the first place. Even now I like the looks of Crossfires better. But I have the impression that many people judge the Tech 10 based on pictures on the web, and because they are very different than anything else on the market, the conclusion is they can't be good. On ktmtalk somedody wrote they are actually a rebranded Vector or that they are heavy and bulky. All of this is completely false. I think Crossfires are a great and wonderful boot. But I think that Tech 10 are the most PROTECTIVE boot on the market right now. I wouldn't be surprised if Alpinestars comes up with something replacing the Tech 10, because I think this (great) boot got some heavy resistance in penetrating the market, because it's too "different". I'll be sure to get a reserve pair if this happens.
  3. digitallysane

    Sidi Crossfire vs Tech 10

    I have the Tech 10 and I'm very satisfied with them. I wanted the Crossfires, couldn't get them so I bought the Tech 10 and I think I was lucky in the end. They are very protective and trust-inspiring. The ankle protection system in the bootie is very nice, and I like the fact that it's inside the boot, not and external, exposed hinge. They are very flexible, but not at the first time you put them on (like the Crossfires). However, after using them for 2-3 times they are very comfortable. Last week I found myself in a situation which involved walking for miles in them on various terrain (grass, mud, slopes) and they were almost like a trekking boot. During this walk I learned that the sole has very good adherence in wet grass (not so good in mud). I like the buckles too, and it's nice they are only 3. I also like the protective strip for the Achilles tendon which also acts as an extension and twisting limiter. The only boots I know of which also have protection in that area are the Oxtars. Overall, I'm very satisfied. If I would have the possiblity to get the crossfires or the tech 10, I would choose tech 10 again.