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  1. Honda_207

    Suzuki guy with a Kawi Question

    Awesome! Thanks for the info
  2. Honda_207

    Suzuki guy with a Kawi Question

    Thanks man that's a huge help. I figured it was like the Suzuki transmissions. You only hear the bad while 98% of the bikes are fine. Is there anything I should be doing to it before I ride. Other than tearing it down to grease. I mean like I heard the TPS is in a bad spot and there's a ktm part that might fit?
  3. Honda_207

    Suzuki guy with a Kawi Question

    Hi guys, I'm sure this has been asked before but I could not find anything. I have been on Suzuki since 2009 and just love them. The problem is after 20 hours on my 2011 250 I had to put a whole new motor in my bike. Everything was replaced including the cylinder and sent the head out to get the seat re-cut. I was so mad that this happened it has turned me off buying a new RMZ. The crank bearings were toast, cylinder scored, rod was done, piston was cooked, valve seats were out and also my clutch needed new plates, springs and fibres. I am a slow intermediate and am almost crazy with my maintenance. Oil done every ride, same with filter. Oil filter every other. Oil screens cleaned every oil change. I also am never off the limiter. Its pretty sad when your engines toast before your stock chain, sprockets and tires. I'm pretty sure I bought a lemon as my other Suzuki's had no issues. Well 2010 had lots of false neutrals but I dealt with it. Regardless I have been looking to make a switch and found a killer price on a new 2012 KX 250F. For some reason I am so concerned about the cornering coming off of the Suzuki its making me weary. I know it may sound dumb but I really don't want to buy it and hate the thing. I'm sure I will never hate it riding is riding but I just don't want to be wishing I bought another Suzuki. Also I have had 2 friends with 11's and the rods have broke. I am wondering how the cornering compares to the Suzuki? I know it wont be as good but, as long as its not worlds apart. Have they fixed the rod problems of the 2011? And what has the durability been like on the 2012? Sorry for rambling on any input would been greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Honda_207

    2011 RMZ 250 Engine Noise

    Hi guys, I have a 2011 RMZ 250 with about 30 hours on it. There is a knocking/growling noise coming from the clutch side of my bike. It dosent matter if it is in gear, out of gear, clutch in or out it is always there. It gets worse if you rev it up. I pulled apart the clutch thiniking my basket was wore out and everything looks brand new. There is a bearing on the shaft that the basket sits on and i replaced that thinking it was the problem and it didnt do a thing. It does not sound like its coming from the bottom end or water pump though it has me stumped. It is definitly not in the top end. It shifts great, clutch is butter, still has amazing power. I have a automotive stethoscope and sounds like its coming from the clutch/tranny area. Everything is the same just that noise. If you guys have any ideas let me know. THANKS!
  5. Honda_207

    POLL: is your rmz getting false neutrals

    So I have stayed out of most of these threads as I found they are useless but this one is actually has a purpose. So I had a 2010 rmz-250 and it had a couple of issues. Ended up with around 80 hours at the end of the year. It would mis-shift all the time. Sometimes my fault sometimes not. At the start it wasnt too bad but it progressively got worse. At the end of the year it would happen a couple times a race. It popped out of gear only once but it wasnt pretty. A small 45 foot double right out of the corner and it popped out of gear right off the face as I was seat bouncing the hell out of it. Landed right on my head. I am so glad I had me leatt on. I was very lucky and came out with a seperated shoulder and a few cracked ribs. That was enough for me and that bike. It was however the best bike i have ever owned. I felt so connected with it. It did everything I wanted it too. Amazing power cornered awesome and just felt overall really good. So now I have a 2011 rmz-250. Have not had any issues with the tranny thus far only around 35 hours I would say. There is however a problem, it makes a really weird sound when its about to take off. So i pulled it apart and everything looks brand new. There is a bearing on the crankshaft that is worn out though. I am pretty sure thats where my problem lies as it would make the clutch basket have play in it. Anyways i have not had any problems with the tranny. I would also like to say that I am very hard on my bikes. I feel that a lot of the issues have to do with the users maint. I cant see how people go every 5-6 hours on oil changes. Thats just insane. I change the oil after every 2 rides. Sometimes one if its a really sandy track and the bike was ridden very hard. I also change the oil filter every 2 oil changes. Some people wait waaay too long to change it. I know it may be a little overkill but its cheap maint. All I use is quaker state 10-40 and never had a problem.
  6. Honda_207

    2011 RMZ-250 Questions

    Thanks man ya I am going to give them a call.
  7. Honda_207

    2011 RMZ-250 Questions

    Thanks. I have stock oil setting went 6 clicks harder on the front suspension and 3 clicks slower rebound. Sag set at 106. Could you pm me some more details about ride concepts. They sound pretty cool. Also how did you figure your your engine rpm? Its not idling low at all thats whats weird. Oh i am 180 lbs. Thanks
  8. Honda_207

    2011 RMZ-250 Questions

    Hi guys I have a few questions about the bike. I currently have about 6 hours on mine. It has become extremely hard to start and stalls in a lot of corners. I am a intermidiate rider so skill is not the issue. I read somewhere that turning the choke might help but i could not find out where to start. Sometimes I chop the throttle and it dies also. When I am doing my hot lap and rolling around the track it will stall on the back sides of jumps even with the clutch all the way in, and yes the bike is warmed up. I also am having issues with the suspension. I would usually have it re-valved but I am in school and out of money. It is way to soft and feels like i am on a pogo stick. I have adjusted it a bunch and nothing seems to work. I relize stiffer springs are the solution but is there anyone who has found a set-up that is working for them? I have also been seeing a lot of peices in the oil threads. I had a 2010 last year and beat the piss out of it. It would hit false nuterals, jam into gear and had peices in the oil. It always kept going tho and had about 85 hours on it when i sold it. I wouldnt be too worried about the peices. Monitor them and if they get really bad the further investigate. I would always change the oil after 2 rides and oil filter every other so that might be why. I think 5 hours on a bike is way to long for these machines. My oil is black after 2 hard rides. My 2011 has peices but no mis-shifts so far so i am just going to keep an eye on it. Sorry for the long thread and hopefully someone can answer my questions. THANKS!
  9. Honda_207

    Detent spring?

    I have a 2010 rmz250 and like a lot of other people have a shifting problem. Its only from 3rd to 4th. It is a lot of the time my fault as if your not agressive enough on the shifter near the end of a long moto it dosent slide into the gear all the way but, other times it just dosent want to go into gear. I have read the the 2007 rmz's had the same problem and they just put the 2008 detent spring in and that fixed the problm. 2 questions one what is a detent spring and two has anyone ever tried to put a 2011 detent spring in the 2010 to see if this solved the issue. Also if anyone has found a fix other than this feel free to let me know thanks:thumbsup:
  10. Honda_207

    New Top End WONT START

    Ok so here is the deal....just finished a top end rebuild on my 08 crf 250r. I went to start it and noticed a super hard spot when kicking it over. It happens everytime I try to start it. I checked the timing and valvues again and there perfect. I took the spark plug out and there is no more hard spot when i kick it over. I adjusted the cam tensioner again and kicked it and it ran for about 3 seconds. Didnt have the tank on just the amount left in carb. So I put the tank on and tried and same hard spot.I checked the autodecommpresion and it seems to be working fine. Any ideas on what the hard spot is and why it wont start?
  11. Honda_207

    Red Bud 2008 Vid

    Thanks.....no last year we didnt have time to race...only got there saturday morning. This year I plan to race however. Did you race?
  12. Honda_207

    Red Bud 2008 Vid

    I finally got around to finishing the video I started from our trip to red bud last year. Comments? (click High quality) Also my Red Bud 2007 Video
  13. Honda_207

    video editing

    I have sony vegas 7 and when i import a clip i want to edit i cannot see the preview of the video. I can hear the audio however. They are in .avi format i dont know if thats the problem.........
  14. Honda_207

    A couple practicing pics.

    Yea hes getting them pretty good.