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  1. I posted on KTM talk with no luck.I have a 05 KTM 525 SMR that will be run on the street at around 1,200 to 2,500 feet or so.I live in SC and it is hot in summer 92 100 .I will run 93 oct with a race mix when i want to play.The bike has OE gearing and pipe.I am 6,2 240 so yes it will have a load on it lol.So what to i need to pull out of my JD bag and go with?Thanks Brad
  2. WickedSTI

    KTM 525 Oil Coolers and Highways

    Any info last try sorry im not sure. Brad
  3. WickedSTI

    autodecompressor noise ?

    Im new to KTM but the ticking i had was due to the bad seal at the header.The OE part that bolts to the head has a big weld holding the header off a little and not sealling and it leaks and you can hear it.I will be fixing as soon as all my parts get in.Bard
  4. WickedSTI

    KTM 525 Oil Coolers and Highways

    anyone thanks Brad
  5. WickedSTI

    KTM 525 Oil Coolers and Highways

    Will the HT unit work on a 2005 525 SMR?Thanks Brad last try any info?
  6. I will be runing in on the street here in upstate SC I think the elevation is 1100 ft.and also at The Gap Tail of the Dragon some Robbinsville NC is around 2000ft.I will also be useing super unleaded 92.What is a good all around setup?Thanks Brad edit also i may drill airbox
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    Retro Fit Fan

    AussieJoe http://www.evanscooling.com/main27.htm looks like you have a dealer on the list.Evens is some good stuff.Brad edit sorry yall i was looking for fan info i did see this was a old post
  8. WickedSTI

    ktm overheating

    How to you like this part?Any updates?Brad
  9. WickedSTI

    Hi yall new here any KTM 525 SMR owners with plates?

    Thanks i will check it out tomorrow.Brad
  10. I just picked up a 05 525 SMR that i will plate.Anyone near Greenville SC that can give me any info or good places to buy parts local?Thanks Brad
  11. WickedSTI

    HUSABURG da "BURG" motoxotica

    Thanks for your help and info i think i will go ahead and buy it.If i do i will be back for more info im sure.Brad
  12. WickedSTI

    HUSABURG da "BURG" motoxotica

    I found a 2004 NEW Husaberg fs 450 for 5699.Is that a good deal and how hard are parts to get?.Anything i need to know before i buy this bike?Thanks lots Brad