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  1. do a search here for tt600. alot of good info.
  2. Looks good. What's the price? Doing one myself.
  3. I would go to 12v for the street. search here for tt600 some nice builds
  4. not 85 and eailer.
  5. i guess i shuld say it's been slod.
  6. I have it in my 2k Z71 (10-30) took it to get smoged and rad flushed and they ck everything. When i went to pick it up they said somebody put automatic trans fluid in my eng! Had a good lol with that statment. the valves could be a little loose? ck the cam card for specs, don't remember if they are the same as stock. I ran 20-50 red line back in 83 in my tt600. And an old racer (Dick Mann) told me when i had him do a valve job on my 76 TT500. I asked him what oil to use, he just laughed and said, use any you like but change it after every ride. Of course i never did. That was a long time ago. One of the best motercycle racers of all time. I did change the oil in my 501 Husaberg after every ride, but it only held just shy of 1 QT. Ran deisel oil in it 15-40
  7. I guess i should of said 20-50 R/P Max. amsoil is good also in an air cooled eng.
  8. the 500 is going to be my winter project. Don't spend big money on graphics as they will not stay on the tank. there is some called tough graphics that have little holes in them. Gas leaches through the plastic tank. Somebody here might know if there are any new ones as I don't know.
  9. Looks to clean Matt. Hey Andy thats my old bike.
  10. someone wants to look at this--what would be a for/sale price?
  11. I was thinking the same about the AJS. I had a 370 and yes the clutch was a problem. some guys brazed the snap ring in. had a 73 400 radial Macio, never had a problem with it. A buddy had a 440 twin shock and ran the piss put of it and had no problems, except he wore out the rear shocks on it.
  12. zrxer--is that you Bruce? can't remember as i haven't been here in awhile -- I had to put a new cdi from new zealand on mine.
  13. Temmerz-- cannon springs if still in busness might help. a drz400 spring fits but stock they are too light. Ktm might work with a little grinding on the inner side of spring to fit the retainer. problem with heaver spring it over powers the shock dampeming. I an 230# but mine works much better than a stock shock. I had a new TT600 in 1983 and was much lighter and still had to go with the heavy spring. not an easy fix. just buy my bike lol! good luck. Kimble
  14. read my build and you can see what you can do with a stock rear shock.
  15. Don't know about lost stickers but my aaa will not do any dirt bike title tranfsers. have to go to dmv. they do any plated bike though.