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  1. bergman501

    AJS Stormer

    Great wright-up! I had a AJS370 back in the day. Cant remember if it was a 70 or 71. Great bike, just loved it back then. Thanks for posting
  2. bergman501

    707 trail riders hitting up Knoxville OHV ride saturday

    Used to ride up there all the time back in the 70's & 80's. went back there about 13yrs ago and all the good trails were over grown and washed out. You couldn't see them unless you knew where they were originally. some new ones were cut by blm but with no upkeep nothing but rock city. After they built the new sh$er at Hunting creek camp some aholes fired up a dozer and completely destroyed the head and most of the tables. Fun place in the old days.
  3. bergman501

    Tt600 engine swap

    so whats wrong with it? what parts do you need? Plenty of good used parts on e-bay.
  4. bergman501

    New to me '83 TT600

    hay Bruce--how's everything up your way? I thank you need a modded 76 tt500 for your collection--
  5. bergman501

    New to me '83 TT600

    Do a search here as zrxer said. In my build i did everything you are wanting to know. If you have play (slack) in the clutch cable and it still slips--new clutch i would say,and its easy to do there is another adjustment at the clutch arm, it's in the book.
  6. bergman501

    CA emmision regulation changes

    There is 11 or 12 states that have the same waiver and the news said they together are going to sue the fed-g.
  7. bergman501

    One more tt500 build

    you are right with gas tank clearance and i have no idea as what swingarm would work on your yz. My swingarm is a 1978 or 79 pe suzuki. might work on yours who knows. You would need some shock mounts modded on your frame. some late 70's early 80's forks should work with gas take mods or different tank. Not an easy job.--Good luck--------
  8. bergman501

    1980 DR 400

    I had one new in 1980. Had a white brothers pipe on it which of course is not avl anymore. Go to a muffler shop and see if they can bend you up a piece.
  9. Also remember in Ca on a plated bike if your insurance laps DMV will pull your plate. not physical but illegal if an leo runs your plate. dmv did this to me on a truck i saw restoring. Had to non-op it. It's all about the $$$. I had a 07 DR650 plate was around $80 something and insurance was around $100. Not cheap as a green sticker at $50 for 2 yrs. I live out in the county with a fire house a mile away and they charge me $130 a yr for fire protection even though it in my tax base. It will never end in Ca. too many people.
  10. good reply--are you 12 yrs old?
  11. How about an old tt500 1976? before stickers? Or an 70 BSA 500? just wondering?
  12. bergman501

    One more tt500 build

    I thought you might chime in as i saw a few of your newer post. I mocked it up years ago. another pic of a different set-up. have some more frame work to do. master-cyl bracket and some other small stuff. sold my tt600 and my Berg.
  13. bergman501

    One more tt500 build

    Well i haven't been on here in a long time sense mt tt600 build. This is the last bike to build. I bought this tt500 from member 1976tt500 back in 2010. Ryan is now racing trophy trucks, haven't seen him or talked to him sense. Back to the tt. He had all kinds of problems with it. So dummy me i bought it and it's been sitting for years. I'm getting up in my years i decided I'd better finish it. It's going to be built like my tt600 with suzuki wheels and showa forks and a pe swingarm. a couple of pics of bike and doing engine now. I had a set of good used cases and barrel so i switched the old to the new cases. barrel was standard bore and just needed honing. New wisco 10-1 piston. have a white bros or web cam, just says wb on it. Head is in the shop getting a valve job. Just finished restoring my 1961 k10 truck, now it's the bikes turn. will be up dating as work progresses.
  14. bergman501

    EF Saturday 5/26 - IF it rains good Friday

    I say BS. the cold spot was here before you showed up.
  15. bergman501

    EF Saturday 5/26 - IF it rains good Friday

    BB you named the cold spot--really.