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  1. Is the slide drilled on these bikes? Drilled slide +gaping airbox hole = surge, in my mind...
  2. Hard hot start sounds rich to me.
  3. I can't seem to wear out my Pirelli mt90's, fantastic tire in all respects.
  4. No doubt! peoples claims for their old,tired, junk are laughable. I only have a 12 mile comute and can only ride about half the year. So, I figure my expenses to ride a bike, verses a car, are a wash at best. Dale
  5. Agressive tire, right pressure (15lbs should do), and lots of practice will get this pig through the sand in one piece.
  6. That looks more real to me...Don't forget to dink with the cam chain tensioner for a while too, I'll bet.
  7. Seven lbs up high is nothing to sneeze at...imho. What kinda dbs is the white Bros? -Dale
  8. Craigs list is great because you can choose the area you look. Cycle trader has lots. Good luck...I agree that these little bikes are steep when new. My guess is they will raise a lot of eyebrows when gas is xxxxx bucks a gallon. - Dale These guys have one left over and always treated me decent. http://www.wheelsusa.net/default.asp
  9. Ever since it dawned on me that there's more skill to jumping than just launching off one and then waiting to see what happens.. I've curbed my impulses.
  10. I wouldn't sweat how many gears there are too much. I did that with my dr650 for a long time because the 350 has six, and I had to be real picky on my sprocket sizes to like what I had. Someone posted the total gear spread and it turns out they are they are identical. Sure, lots of gears are good...but that dosen't mean a bike is geared how you want it. My friend has a klx 300 (six speed) and first is so low I have no use for it at all. A smooth, evenly spaced, five speed trumps a poorly designed six.
  11. I used to play as a kid in Blue Ridge. Fell in love with that area fast...I'll ride with ya if I can get out of this flippin snow someday. -Dale
  12. Vice grips got mine out; screw driver was a crual joke.
  13. As long as people looking for a mildly tuned, mid sized (400cc or so), dual sport have a choice of buying either a yellow drz400s, blue drz400s, black, red, green, grey, whatever drzs.... yup it will continue.
  14. You can set it up as quiet... or kind of free-flowing...Take your pick. If we could just get Rob away from his carbs for a few minutes maybe he could try his hand at making an aluminum version of the stock can. On a side note..Is there anyone here who knows someone who could hypothetically break some legs at the Marving distributor..with the right incentives..of course.. hypothetically.
  15. Excellant! This is gonna get good. If it really has a wide ratio trans like they say, and decent handling, it should be a blast. I bet the extra 25cc's will be noticable on such small motors too. - Dale