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  1. That was a sikk video.I am a total bubba fan.
  2. Fox Former boots all the way!!!!!
  3. Bubba deserves the title just as much as Chad.
  4. Dude that is not true, bubba as a chance of winning this chapionship.Bubba is faster than chad and ricky.
  5. Sikk that is how i jumped 115 feet,I jumped it on my yz 85!
  6. Can anybody specificly tell me how to put a vid on thumper talk and what i need to do it!!!!!!
  7. Ya Right Buddy!!!!!
  8. We all know who's gonna win the supercross championship;JAMES BUBBA STEWART!!!Go James!WHO EVER is a true bubba fan bubba will win this title!!!!
  9. An estimate of how high i have ever jumped before was about 20 feet high when i jumped a huge 90 footer at my best friends house!!!!!
  10. That is flippin SIKKK!!!!
  11. What was your longest jump in all of your riding time? Mine was 115 feet and 7inches!!!!
  12. I have the same exact graphics on my 04 yz 85.Don't they look sikk!
  13. Does anyone know how many tracks are in New York?Can you list them all?
  14. Does anyone know how to make a video and put it on TT vids/pics? Tell me everthing you need and need to do!! THANKS!!!!!
  15. How do you put vids on TT? If I knew how too I would get some sikk vids on here!!! Do you need special cords and stuff like that or WHAT?