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  1. K5monsterchev

    Priced paid for new 250X?

    ***?!?!? Since when did the prices drop so dramatically? I paid whatever sticker was, I think something around 6,300 OTD. I went to dealers in the area and none was willing to go lower then that price. That was back in 1/06.
  2. K5monsterchev

    New truck

    Don't you guys think there are enough of these Cummins/Duramax/Powerstroke diesel threads. They just turn into a pissing match. Let the Dmax guys think their stuffs the best. You have to remember the Cummins only has 6 cylinders, and it makes the same if not more power then the others, add to that the fact is has a much longer stroke then the others. Let the Dmax guys think what they want, but us Cummins guys know we have the best engine, enough said. Oh and.... http://www.dieselmovies.com/view_video.php?viewkey=aa6e02c990b0a82652dc
  3. K5monsterchev

    Drove an '07 DMAX

    Its not even that much more power then the Cummins had with thier NV trannys. Maybe if they had the 4500 with the bigger input like the Cummins it would have been fine, or the 5600. The hard to find manual Duramax is why I bought a Dodge.
  4. K5monsterchev

    Jetting Settings

    Does it work the same as the "Quick Shot" aftermarket setup?
  5. Well thats says it all right there, CUMMINS POWER!!! I vote Dodge. I am a Chevy guy by birth, lol, but I bought a Dodge, and it kicks ass, I am very pleased with it. You really need to see what you want and what they all offer. I wouldn't bother looking at a Ford. Buy a early 2007 or earlier if you plan on modding it, which it doesn't sound like you do.
  6. K5monsterchev

    Diesel Trucks

    Exactly, well kinda. It rarely rains in So Cal. I have to wash every 2 weeks, because it gets too dusty/polleny.
  7. K5monsterchev

    2006 Dodge 3500 dually cummins

    Even if he had a tune on the engine the HP would be higher, more inline with the tq numbers. I would also say the dynos out of whack.
  8. K5monsterchev

    Looking for Places to ride in So. Cal

    Thats what I want to hear, thanks! A friendly beginner place is what we're looking for. The only down side is it's 2 hours fomr where we'll be staying, but now im very intrested.
  9. K5monsterchev

    Diesel Trucks

    Where is that? What mods are done to your truck? How'd you rig up the train horn?!?! Here are some pics of my Dodge.
  10. K5monsterchev

    Looking for Places to ride in So. Cal

    Hmmm......What kind of riding is it? We were planning to leave on friday and head down there but maybe we could shoot back up there on the 17th instead of riding after a long drive down, you know what I mean? Plus that way my buddy can come with us too. Let me look it up and check it out.
  11. K5monsterchev

    Whats the best tie down system?

    That is one of the reasons I wanted to install one, and to add some locations to tie down. Im likeing those eye bolts.
  12. K5monsterchev

    Looking for Places to ride in So. Cal

    We're coming from the Bay Area (east of SF) and its looking like the 17-19 of Feb, Presidents weekend. We'll be staying in Ontario at my buddies house he also rides. We all aren't really crazy riders in fact my Fiancee and I are still learning and like trails.
  13. I am looking for a tie down system for my truck. One which will both strenghten the bed and have hooks for tie downs. The only one I know of is the Bed Buddy from CCR sport. How is theirs, it looks OK, but not that great to me. Are there any others out there?
  14. RCD is not one of the better lifts out there either. I vote for a Dodge. I bought a fully loaded quad cab 01 6speed with 102K in excellent condition. If you buy used make sure it had regular maintenance, oil changes, fuel filters ect. The 24valves are known for lift pump problems so either install a fuel psi guage or light with maybe the addition of an aftermarket fuel pump. I installed a FASS on mine. Some had a "code 53 block" which was prone to cracking. You can crawl under the truck and if it has the 53 block you can visually see the "53" stamped on it, so its not a major deal breaker. Also if you are gonna mod it factor in a tranny upgrade down the road. Thats all I can think of, no other real problems. All of the big three are going to have their unit bearings, steering components and the like be replaced sooner or later, what do you expect? I have read the 03 and up Dodges wear out those components much faster then the 02 and down trucks, must be because drivetrain components are not made by Spicer any more, now its AAM.
  15. K5monsterchev

    Looking for Places to ride in So. Cal

    I am glad you posted this. I had the same question I was going to ask. My fiancee and I are planning a trip down in Feburary and I have been looking for a good place to ride. Shes also learning on her crf100 and we like to ride trails. Big Bear sounds nice. Its a little closer then some of the others places you guys have reccomended (we will be staying in Ontario at my buddies). When I search Cal City I only read about MX tracks, am I looking in the right place?