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  1. Three of us recently got back from St. Anthony Sand Dunes, Id and we had a great trip. The sand is so soft out there we were constantly clutching the bikes really hard and thought our oil was turning black from the abuse we were giving the bikes. We used K&N prefilters over our oiled air filters so sand in the motor wasnt even brought up. But when we got back and went to change the oil we found the oil filter had a lot of grit in it. Turns out under our valve covers there is grit also. The crank breather tube was sucking sand into the motor the whole trip. Was is our best option to do now? Where is a reputable place to send the motor to to have everything cleaned out? Simple rebuilds we can handle but with sand in the whole motor we would rather have it done right knowing the motor wont lock on us in the air. Josh
  2. koschak

    yz125 in the dunes

    We're going to the dunes in the spring, either Oklahoma again or Glamis, would my buddy have any fun on his 05 yz125. He's a good rider but does the bike have enough power to handle the power robbing sand for a couple days of riding?
  3. koschak

    yz85 forks

    will 2003 yz85/80 forks work on a ttr 125?
  4. koschak

    Whats it worth

    What are 03 250f's going for now, its stock but maintained very well as far as drive train, valves, and suspension. Wondering what it is worth thinking of selling and getting a newer one.
  5. koschak

    Is it worth upgrading?

    Very true, i'll probably keep the 03 for one more year, increase my riding skills and then upgrade to a newer bike next spring. Thanks for the input.
  6. I have a stock 03 yz250f and i ride a couple times a week and every other weekend or so ride tracks, I can never get enough of riding but its hard to find time with college and working, just want your opinions on if i should sell it and get a new one or just stick it out for another year with this one. Do the newer ones feel alot lighter with the aluminum frame, i'd love to get a 450 for hill climbs and such the 250 is great on the track and tighter trails but is so slow on the bigger trails and on the dune trips. I'm thinking a 450 would be too much for me, 160 pounds, trying to push myself it'd probably pull right out from under me, any opinions?
  7. koschak

    girlfriends ttr 125

    the bike is an 03, at first we will just go with the front yz forks and see how that does
  8. koschak

    valvoline oil

    is it okay to run valvoline's full synthetic 10-40 oil in my 03 250f as opposed to amsoil 10-40? reason being is i can get valvoline from a buddy at only three bucks a quart instead of atleast eight bucks a quart for anything else.
  9. koschak

    girlfriends ttr 125

    My girlfriends suspension isn't the greatest on her bike, she would feel alot more comfortable cruising down the trails with better suspension under her, what are some upgrades any of you have used to enhance this bikes performance, are stiffer springs in the front and rear a possible solution?
  10. koschak

    Who rides their 250f's in the dunes

    I'll be riding there for two and a half or three days of riding. Probably won't need to change the filter when I'm there then. I'll make sure it is fully oiled a head of time though. Its a pain having to change the motor oil so often on these things.
  11. koschak

    Who rides their 250f's in the dunes

    I'm guessing its just harder on your clutch. You'll have to be slipping it so often to get that tire spinning. Probably going to have to ride it like a two stroke and keep the revs real high
  12. koschak

    Who rides their 250f's in the dunes

    what's the advantage of the 48 tooth rear sprocket
  13. koschak

    Who rides their 250f's in the dunes

    Well the good thing is I'm only 158 lbs. I'm going to try the six paddle. Already got a spare filter ready to go and I change the oil after every two tanks of gas. the clutch will be brand new for there also so shouldn't need to worry about burning it up. Hope i can get the bike to haul out there, kinda sucks when trail riding and i'm looking for more top end in fifth, hope i don't get disappointed out there with it.
  14. koschak

    Who rides their 250f's in the dunes

    I'm heading to little sahara dunes in oklahoma in the beginning of march. Can't decide on how many paddles i should get for the rear tire.
  15. Looking to see how they handle out there...