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    Alright, this is my first post, so I'll start with a quick intro. My name is Mike and I'm from NJ. I've ridden quads for basically my entire life, but am just now getting sick of it. I started racing last year and did pretty decent for a stock suspended and motored Z400, but let's face it. With the crap coming out of the factories, it's impossible to be competitive without dumping 5-10K in the motor and suspension. So, I'm done with them. Now, I'm looking to get into MX on bikes. I've always wanted one, but never nutted up and went for it. My experience is brief, but my quad backround is helpful. So, I've been reading up and have narrowed it down to a few bikes. First, a question. I'm torn between the 250f class and 450s. I'm looking to have fun more than anything (something I've lost recently) and race on weekends. So, assuming I go with the 250f, I'll most likely be picking up a KX250F or YZ250F (general consensus says I can't go wrong with either 06?). If I go 450, which doesn't seem likely, CRF450 or YZ450f or whatever they're called. Is a 450 too much for someone new to MX? That's basically the point of this thread.