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  1. TFB is Tim Furry Balls. I've been wanting to meet him since he became a "ZONIE". Dean, I'll be waiting for you on the track. We didn't get to throw dirt in each other's faces at Motoland. I'll even give up ten years in age. My wife can get some pics too. I sent my check on Tuesday so I'll see ya'll there.
  2. I'm in, I had a great time last year. ACP should be a blast, I can't wait!!! Biketrdr, please leave a little earlier so you can recover from your long drive and get in some riding with us this year. It was great seeing someone from Oklahoma drive out to ride with us Zonies.
  3. Hey big fella, it's Mike from the Old Timers. Where do you ride in the desert? I might be inclined to go to Pima and Dynamite with you but I'm not sane. I hadn't been riding there for 20 or so years and really enjoyed going back last summer. Have you given up on MX??
  4. ET would be the closest track for you. Et is located a bit south of Apache Junction. To get there take Ironwood 5 miles south of the 60 or superstition freeway. The track is in the middle of the desert on the west side of the road you can't miss it. Their web sit is www.etmotopark.com. Many other tracks are located around the Phoenix metro area. Go to www.gomxracing.com for more info on local tracks. Sycamore creek is too trashed in the wash in my opinion. People have parties at night and burn pallats that leave nails and other trash. There are trails away from the creek thet might be worth checking out. I hope you're coming to AZ in cooler times. It has been hot and humid (for us desert rats) lately. Have fun and enjoy Arizona, I'm a 45 year old native and love this state.
  5. Dean, who is that in the pits with the mighty 320 still in your truck??
  6. My wife Rebecca has her pics up on azotmx.com in galleries under Canyon then tt ride night. Someone with better computer skills than I posess please provide a link. Thats me in my underwear putting on my knee braces. Thanks Honey!!!!
  7. I had a GREAT time. It was cool to hang with some of the Old Timers and meet some new people. Having not ridden in a month I am SORE all over. I like the new track direction and had everything figured out by the end of the night. I'll be sure to say hi to some of my new friends when I see them at a track. Ben and Chris, thanks for all your effort to make this happen. When we got home it was dry for about five minutes and then the rain started. I had to unload my bike and other gear in the rain. The rain actually felt good!!
  8. Buy it Ride it Love it!! You can't go wrong with big RED.
  9. Josh, I thought you couldn't make it. Just tape up the finger and don't use the clutch much. Having Dr. Mark there is comforting plus he's like Kelster, FAST!! I can't wait
  10. Chris is a Ferrari mechanic and my Italian brother. Watch out when Fosso and Forzano are on the track.
  11. A little bit of trivia about Canyon. On April 8th 1979 Canyon held a 125/250 national race. Hannah, Howerton, Barnett, Glover ect. were the stars back then. I was a Sr. in high school then and still have the program, I might bring it to show some of you. C U there I can't wait.
  12. 118 yesterday, but remember it's a dry heat. The all time record for Phoenix is 122. Enjoy!!!
  13. Jacquelin Strong is the young lady that was air lifted from Canyon. I am one Of the Old Timers that will be there. I know that Larry and Becky will be there too. I'll be bringing my grill so bring something to burn on it.
  14. Phil, I'm 44 how old are you? I feel like I've been riding forever, started in 1970.
  15. It's hit 113 a couple of times lately. The Monsoon is coming back strong and should cool thinggs down to 106 or so.