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  1. well i went ahead and changed out my front 15t sprocket for a 16t driven brand, boy what a difference it made, it felt like cruising at 65 was no problem, now im debating if i should change the rear 41 to a 38
  2. i have an 08 drz motard, i just bought it bout a month ago, it had 800 miles on it and it was bne stock, well in the past few weeks i got the bug and added a yosh rs2 full exhaust, dynojet stage 2, 3x3 mod, k&n filter and i am going to put the 16 tooth sprocket on it this weekend, my question is this, am i pretty much maxed out as far as power goes without adding the fcr and hot cams, i really want a little more power from the bike without changing cams and carb, am i dreaming, i want to be able to take it up hwy 49 up here and shred the turns and come off the corners wheeling down the
  3. well about a month ago i picked up a 2008 with 800 miles, bone stock, in the last week heres my list, so far i added the yosh rs2 exhaust , dynojet stage 2 jet kit, 3x3 airbox mod, k&n filter, drc edge tail light, and led turn signals, this weekend i am adding the driven 16t front sprocket and loctite fix
  4. thanks guys i figured it out, it had a bad switch, i had an extra one in my tool box and switched it out, its funny how universal those switches are, the one for my drz looked exactly the same as one i had on my box from an old ysr
  5. i definately can hear the clicking and i can squeeze the lever real hard and still nothing, when i hit the rear brake it works perfect but the front isnt working at all, kinda weird, how can i check the switch, i know it worked before i disconnected the old taillight and now nada
  6. i just installed a edge taillight on my 08 drz400sm, i followed the instructions for the wiring and i know i did it right, heres the problem, the taillight works, the rear brake light works but when i use the front brake it doesnt activate the brake light, i made sure i had good connections as per the wiring instructions, the bike has only 800 miles and its pretty much stock, do i have a defective taillight
  7. lookin more to trade
  8. im looking for some nice graphics for my 426, maybe a set, i dont really like whats available and i like some of the older stuff like the chaparral stuff, bud light, etc etc, i have a like new full set of black plastics, f&r fender, # plate, shrouds for trade or ill buy it outright