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  1. Very nice! I love riding trails with my buddies and honking at them. I have been kicking around the idea of racing some around north Texas. This makes me want to.
  2. keven_who

    Honda XR650L (2001)


    I like it.
  3. keven_who

    Honda XR650L 2001

    I like it.
  4. keven_who

    Alaska Riding in Alaska now!

    Hello all! My wife and I are on vacation in Alaska. Yesterday we rented some dual sports in Anchorage and came up to Palmer. We hit the Jim Creek area yesterday but had NO idea where we were going. We wanted to try and go back to the Knik glacier. Any tips, directions or anything? Also, we were thinking about going up to the Sutton area and checking it out. Maybe Hatcher pass. Anything we should stay away from, or try to check out? Any help would awesome! Thanks, Keven
  5. keven_who

    How did I get to race The Erzberg, and how you can too!

    This is GREAT! I have wanted to do this for years, but didn't know how I could afford to get a bike shipped over there much less have a pit crew! Very exciting! Good luck! Keven
  6. keven_who

    Rekluse clutch

    Tenn, it's basicly a centrifugal clutch. Like on mini bikes and little kid's bikes. A friend of mines son has a klx110, clutch leverless 3 speed, and he has a wr250 with a rekluse, I guess they never learned how to use a clutch...haha!
  7. keven_who

    Bike problems need help. please.

    That has happened to me before when I over oiled a filter. It may be "choking" it out. Try and run it with out the filter, see if it will stay running. If so that may be the problem. Do you use spray oil?
  8. keven_who

    Clutch side cover not deep enough

    Ahh! That makes sence. I figured they would make the outer cover the same and make the adjustments for the gears and starter in the actual case. But who am I? Thanks for the input! Keven
  9. keven_who

    Clutch side cover not deep enough

    I tried searching but came up with nothing. I had a rock come thru my clutch side cover. Not the magnesium cover the aluminum side cover that houses the water pump and the clutch side oil fill. So I bought a used one off ebay for a 05 R model. Is there a difference in R cover to X? Or year model change? The old one (04 X) is about 1/2" thicker and has a smaller oil fill hole. Of course it has a longer water pump shaft etc.. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Keven Kirk
  10. keven_who

    my crf250x 2004 model

    My owners manual says change top end(piston and rings) after 15 hours. I think that's BS. But I would ride it untill it blows up! If you don't hit redline on the trails you are not riding hard enough! Keven
  11. Have not seen the Dirtwise, but Common Ground is maybe the best off road vid I have watched! Has a lot of KTM propaganda but you can skip it. I watch it almost every day! Keven
  12. keven_who

    Anyone ever have the starter go out?

    Yeah, I was guessing the brushes in the starter are burnt up. I didn't ever spin the starter when I had it off before. Do they spin pretty free? I still have the cables hooked up and grounded the starter and hit the button, it seems to turn over ok with out a load. But the bottom end does spin over way better with out the starter in there.
  13. keven_who

    Anyone ever have the starter go out?

    Hello, I have had my 2004 250X for a couple months now.(got it from a TT member) It has been a good bike so far but, I went out the other day and it became hard to kick over, and slow to turn over on the starter. I just assumed it was the top end, that is what it felt like, piston/rings dragging in the cylinder. I tore it down and the top end looked perfect. Took the clutch side cover off and it also looked good. So I turned the motor over by hand and it was still dragging and making noise like a bad bearing. I had replaced the crank and lower bearings shortly after I got it, so I was hoping it wasn't the case. So, I took the starter out and it spins free with no noise. I have read posts about ditching the starter but I kinda like the button. Anyone ever have similar problems? Thanks, Keven Kirk
  14. keven_who

    Cross country riding loops.

    I went to Twin Hills, in Bridgeport, labor day weekend, I had a great time. They have some nice long loops, not to many markers. I talked to a guy out there and he said he had been going there for a long time and he and some of his buddies would come out and mark the trails but haven't in a while. Still better than Rocky Ridge. less crowded and they don't let big groups of quads in. give me a shout maybe we can meet up out there or something. Keven Kirk 817-992-4762
  15. keven_who

    Crankshaft key (woodruf)sp?

    I got it. FYI It is not 25mm long or 14mm high but it is 4mm thick.