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  1. cdkrv

    best suspension setup for 240lbs stock

    you boys in mi. need to work out during those snowy winters. you will probably need to have the suspension revalved for your weight and heavier springs. Don't know of a place in mi., but out here where the weather is always warm and located in the heart of motocross heaven being socal I would use precision concepts.
  2. can you guys tell me if I remove all the smog crap from an "06" xr650l, Can I just plug everything up and be good to go or do I need to rejet? Also any suggested pipes. Can't be too loud I also ride it on the street, although those harley pipes definitley break the sound laws.
  3. I plated 06 wr in AZ. The title says mc. I'm not an expert but you may want to question it. When I plated my bike they told me I had fraudulent paperwork. I had to wait 2 weeks for them to investigate. good luck
  4. Just put on a white bros. w2 and trying to get rid of the pop. Had a t-4 on it before and it popped even worse. need some suggestions
  5. cdkrv

    Best offroad tuner ?

    precision concepts is real good. I'm happy with my suspension.
  6. cdkrv

    Hot start lever spacer

    you can order that switch from electrosport it comes with diagram.
  7. cdkrv

    Hot start lever spacer

    is there a price on that or are you going to take care of your wr buddies. Ihave the same switch but I turned mine around and shimed it with washers.
  8. cdkrv

    WR Street Legal Q

    just plated my "06" wr 450 and love it. you do not need any lighting kits. wire in a switch with blinkers and get the brake light switch and your good to go. you don't need any of those expensive dual sport kits.any questions just ask.
  9. cdkrv

    IMS 3.4 Tank tricks?

    Thanks for the part # I've melted my line. the only time i over heat is when I'm riding with my kids or in a tight canyon with no airflow. But the recovery system on the "06" works perfect.
  10. cdkrv

    pro circuit exhaust application help!!!

    Honestly I don't know if it will fit but I had one on my "06"450 and it was a little bit too loud but the performance was awesome. good luck. P.S. the message from matty is dead on I put my stock pipe on when I do a dual-sport ride.
  11. purchased an 06 wr450 need help with pipe and jetting mods. already replaced throttle stop.cut grey wire,air box mods ect. had a t-4 slip on but too loud for my tastes. (plated). trying to find a semi quieter pipe but still want performance. i know can't have my cake and eat it to. also need to know jetting info. I'm tired of hit and miss on the carb. i can take it apart in my sleep by now.Please help