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  1. I_WANT_A_250F

    4strokers back to 2 stroke

    I had a 250f for several years and switched back to 2-strokes. the four strokes are great with power but it cost me almost 800$ to rebuild my 4 stroke I can rebuild my 2-stroke for much less and the 2-stroke is so much more fun to ride.
  2. I_WANT_A_250F

    Bud Light Graphics

    04 or 06 I think they take the same kit but i have an 06 yz250 and freind has 04 yz250
  3. I_WANT_A_250F

    04 CRF250R Fork Seals

    sounds right do you have to take the top cap off to replace fork seals. looks to me like you could just take everything out from the bottom.
  4. I_WANT_A_250F

    Bud Light Graphics

    anyone know if you where i can get some. can't find them anywhere.
  5. I_WANT_A_250F

    04 CRF250R Fork Seals

    Have done many forks before but someone told me that the forks on the crf250r need special tool to do. how different are they from yamaha? I don't need any tool other than a fork seal driver do i?
  6. I_WANT_A_250F

    anyone running a 195 main jet

    I do have my screen cut so I think if it is still lean tonight I am going to order
  7. I_WANT_A_250F


    I can't tell u which tire to buy but I can tell u which one not to buy. I bought a maxis cross IT rear tire because the mags say that they wear like Iron but that is bull. THe first time out on it running threw the trails I ripped off like 3 or 4 nobs and I never ripped nobs off my stock tire. I the tire worn down really fast and I am not happy with it at all
  8. I_WANT_A_250F

    anyone running a 195 main jet

    i currenly have a 190 main jet in and it is too small but the manuel only show a 190 main jet and I need a bigger one. I think I can order in a larger one but was wondering if anyone else is running a jet that big? I just took my carb off hoping that I had an air leek and am going to do another plug test soon. I run race gas 50 50 with pump and I have a FMF factory 4 exaust and recently added a +.75 compreshion piston so I don't know maybe I really need a bigger jet. Does anyone run a main jet bigger that 190 and does anyone have any sugestion to why my jetting is so lean. And by lean I mean no color at all on the plug
  9. I_WANT_A_250F

    going to St. Louis supercross race

    how soon can u show up at the race track and have something to do r the rider practicing all day or r they out where u can talk to them
  10. I have never been to a profesional race before and was wondering if there where anything set up to do besides watch the race. Does anybody have any tips for making my trip to the race the best possible. I can't wait to to watch the race since the last few have been so close
  11. I_WANT_A_250F

    jetting with high compreshion piston

    I did a plug test and the plug had no color at all on it It is wierd the way it is acting because It ran fine one day then after I broke it in and started openning it up it started running really lean
  12. I_WANT_A_250F

    jetting with high compreshion piston

    I all ready run 110 octain mixed with pump gas The bike is with out a doubt running lean. It ran fine before I rebuilt it and after I rebuilt it seamed to just keep getting leaner the more I road it. i don't know wheather it is the bike or the weather 04wr250f I live in minneapolis near salina but next year I will be in witchita, I usualy ride a milford
  13. I put in a wiesco +.75 copreshion piston the other dasy and was wondering what the jetting specs on it are I also have a factory 4 exaust on and am in Kansas I think 12000 ft
  14. I_WANT_A_250F

    for sale

    I am selling my 2003 YZ250f. the bike has just been totally rebuilt. New crank assemply and new piston and rings. bike is well matained and good condition. It has a wiestoc piston in it and a FMF Factory 4 exahust. I love this bike but I am moving up to a 250 two stroke and need to sell the bike I will deliver if gas is payed for and is within a resonable distance
  15. I_WANT_A_250F

    Honda first mod Where to start

    hi my freind just bought an 04 450r and is ready to start modifing it. Where should he start. He weights 145 about 6 ft tall and rides trails and would like to start racing. He needs more power where is the best place to start at.