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  1. Here's the setup. White Bros. Carbon Pro II w/Head Pipe Pro Flow K&N JD Jetting Kit - Main jet: 170 - Pilot Jet: 45 - Fuel screw (turns out): 2.5 - Needle/Clip position: Red Needle Position 5 - Airbox lid (on or off): on - Altitude where you ride: 2500 - Temperature where you ride: 70 to 85 Symptoms: - Idle is great when cold, sluggish when hot. - Dies sometimes of the start. - Sputters at 1/4 when hot. - Responsive at 3/4. - Smooth at WOT.
  2. Dalken

    BIG yfz problem

    Could the gas get into the oil when the bike is running? Racegunn_2011: I smelled gas in my oil filter when I replaced it, so I started searching for similar problems and found this. If you are so sure that this is "bogus", then how is the fuel getting into the oil?
  3. Dalken

    BIG yfz problem

    I turn off the fuel and run the carb until it dies before transporting my 06 YFZ, and I still have a gas smell in the oil res. Why have I never had this problem with my raptor 350? I used to leave the fuel on while transporting that bike and I have never had gas in the oil.