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  1. Here's the setup. White Bros. Carbon Pro II w/Head Pipe Pro Flow K&N JD Jetting Kit - Main jet: 170 - Pilot Jet: 45 - Fuel screw (turns out): 2.5 - Needle/Clip position: Red Needle Position 5 - Airbox lid (on or off): on - Altitude where you ride: 2500 - Temperature where you ride: 70 to 85 Symptoms: - Idle is great when cold, sluggish when hot. - Dies sometimes of the start. - Sputters at 1/4 when hot. - Responsive at 3/4. - Smooth at WOT.
  2. Yamaha

    Could the gas get into the oil when the bike is running? Racegunn_2011: I smelled gas in my oil filter when I replaced it, so I started searching for similar problems and found this. If you are so sure that this is "bogus", then how is the fuel getting into the oil?
  3. Yamaha

    I turn off the fuel and run the carb until it dies before transporting my 06 YFZ, and I still have a gas smell in the oil res. Why have I never had this problem with my raptor 350? I used to leave the fuel on while transporting that bike and I have never had gas in the oil.