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  1. my 2001 yz250f is making a lot of vibrations under duress or when the wheel is slipping. i think its coming from the transmission. i regularly change oil and air filter, but i haven't checked the valves (cause i don't know how...) any info on what may be going on or where to start looking would be awesome. thank you
  2. newbyz250f

    so. cal mx tracks

    thanks guys. hopefully ill get a day off soon so i can check one out. have fun riding!
  3. newbyz250f

    so. cal mx tracks

    i live in simi valley, which is in ventura county
  4. newbyz250f

    so. cal mx tracks

    i've been riding for less than a year, mostly at texas canyon and dove springs, with a little bit in the sierras by shaver. i want to try a mx track but am a little wary because ive never done stuff like that. what would be a good track for me to try for my first time. also which is least crowded cause i know ill fall and i dont want to get run over
  5. newbyz250f

    fading spark/baffled

    oh yeah and on another seperate subject, my toes barely touch the ground on my bike and i was wondering if there was any way to lower it a few inches without dropping too much more money into it. its a 2001 yz250f..
  6. newbyz250f

    fading spark/baffled

    my bike has been having ignition problems, ran fine after a top end rebuild than the problem came back. it has a new computer, and i wasnt getting any spark so i changed the plug and no luck. so then i took the ignition coil in and the mechanic said it was fouled so i dropped 90 into a new one and guess what, no luck. so i took it in and the mechanic says the spark starts fine but then fades as he continued to kick it. he doesnt know what the problem could be but we're trying a stater and im hoping that works. any ideas as to what may help?
  7. just had top end rebuilt, now after about 6-8 hours of mild riding it is backfiring a lot, stalling on hill climbs and has loss all power. how often do i need to check the valves? and what else might lead to this problem? any tips will help.