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  1. Thank you EarthCruzn. That looks like it might work.
  2. I do see a chiropractor, but it only helps a little. I'll probably just have to accept that any time I'm on pavement, I'll be standing.
  3. I'm leaving motocross and looking into dual-sport. My only problem is sitting for longer than 20-30 minutes. My back starts hurting and I have to stand up. My last two trips on rented bikes, I stood about 75% of the time we were on pavement. I need something to press my back against while sitting. I had a V-Strom with a back rest that worked well, but I doubt there is anything like that for smaller dual-sport. Anybody with the same problem? Any ideas?
  4. Billy_D

    Is it worth it?

    If you want to race, then go out there and have fun. Just enter the beginner class. Don't worry about having a DRZ125L. Just ride it and enjoy the race. Ride within your comfort level. And don't worry about someone else saying you'll get butt kicked. Just let them know that it's better to be a racer for a day, than a spectator for life.
  5. Here's my story. A little over a year ago, I had a pinched nerve that radiated pain down my left arm. Got a MRI which showed a herniated disc at C7. Got the steroid shot to reduce the swelling and felt fine. Bought a used CRF450R after a 4yr layoff and took it for my first ride back. On the second lap, I blipped the throttle over a small jump in second gear. As soon as I landed, I felt compression in my spine (the suspension was really stiff). I knew something didn't feel right and my neck was sore the next day. I bought softer springs, but now I wonder if that will make a difference or if my comeback is over? The neck is giving problems and I will be seeing a specialist in January. Are any other riders out there with this problem? Any advice Dr. Mark? P.S. I'm 55yrs old.
  6. Billy_D

    Herniated disc at C7/T1

    Any opinion or advice Dr. Mark?
  7. Billy_D

    Herniated disc at C7/T1

    I use an inversion table also and I agree that it does help your back. The C7 disc is in the neck and using a neck traction harness twice a day really makes a difference for me. I'm just wondering if the up and down jarring of riding off-road or a mx track is something I should no longer do.
  8. Billy_D

    Herniated disc at C7/T1

    I have a herniated disc at C7 and for the past month, I have been experiencing pain in my left arm. I have been getting regular adjustments from my chiropractor that has really helped, along with using a neck traction device twice a day. I am getting an epidural next week and have been advised against any jarring, up and down activity for 3-6 months. I have several other bulging discs in my neck along with a little arthritis, but it's not a problem for me. So, with all that, my question is this. At age 54, is it time to give up dirt bikes? I thought I would ask here in case anyone has a similar experience and a doc with more knowledge of off road riding. Thanks in advance.
  9. Billy_D

    '79 YZ125 riding impressions?

    Thanks for the replies. That's what I thought it would be like. I had a '75 cr125 in high school and it had similar power. Like a light switch. Either on or off. No low end. I do like revving a bike and clutching, so it should be fun.
  10. I'm in the process of restoring a '79 YZ125 and wondering if anyone can tell me what to expect when I finally get to ride it. I'm 54, 5'11", and 215lbs, so I'm sure I'll look like an elephant riding a tricycle, but I'm sure it will still be fun. Thanks in advance.
  11. I have a 1979 yz250 that I am disassembling to restore. I removed the rear axle nut and loosened the chain tensioners and figure the axle would come right out. No such luck. Tried using a rubber mallet, but that didn't work either. Is there something I'm forgetting? The only thing that might be a problem is the spacer on the brake side seems stuck to the inside of the swingarm.
  12. I'm looking for a tall handlebar with the least amount of sweep. Anybody know of a brand and model?
  13. Billy_D

    I Suck! (kinda long)

    I think you're expecting too much too soon. Your skills are still there. Every time you ride, a little bit more comes back. Almost the exact same thing happened to a friend of mine. When he started back, I was beating him in the novice class. Now, he's in the expert class and I couldn't keep him in sight if I had a jet engine in my bike. I would put money on it that your skills will be back in time.
  14. Billy_D

    Changed fork seals, now one leaks

    I just realized that I didn't put a light coat of fork oil around the inside of the seals when I installed them. Could that be the problem? Thanks for the responses.
  15. I had a leaking fork seal, so I took both forks apart and replaced the seals. After a test ride, I noticed one of the forks leaking. So now I have to take the fork apart and replace the seal again. Anybody have any idea what I did wrong the first time so I won't repeat the same mistake? It's an '02 S model.