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  1. DirtRida99

    Post pics of your CR's

    Heres my 2002 CR125R
  2. DirtRida99

    lil vid on my 400

    the funny thing is you guys have no idea what your talking about! because the 12 bars arent there to stop you from flipping! well at least on the street bike. they are there for doing tricks on them. and plus if you hit it the wrong way it will throw you down or if you hit it to hard you can snap your sub frame! so its not like riding a bike with training wheels!
  3. DirtRida99


    so for the season pass we will be able to ride on the indoor and outdoor track for that membership price?
  4. DirtRida99

    track in holly what's happening to it

    ya hopefully it gets up and running! would be nice to have a track close to home!
  5. DirtRida99

    New pitbike mx track in MI

    awesome! where did u get the flyer from? this is only like 30 mins from my house so this will be great when it opens! do u know if this is going to be a AMA sanctioned track?