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  1. KimDN

    Clake? ..worth getting?

    I have some, what do you have now and what are you looking for?
  2. KimDN

    Clake? ..worth getting?

    I am waiting on some SLRs to come in, they will be a few weeks. I don't have any Clake 2's on order at this time, if you want one you can PM me. Pricing has gone up since I posted that 3 years ago, if you are interested LMK.
  3. I'd like to put taller suspension onto a trials bike, to make an ultimate exteme enduro bike for me. 2" taller and more 'trail friendly' than a typical trials bike is my goal. I was thinking a front end from an 85, which would take care of the front of the bike. My dilemma is the rear--how do I get the rear to go up 2"?
  4. KimDN

    KTM WP Forks on My X-Trainer

    Now that you have the forks figured out, what about the shock?
  5. KimDN

    Left hand rear brake (lhrb)

    I use the Clake LHRB called SLR. It is ergonomically superior to any other lhrb, and works great. It fits only with a Brembo clutch master cylinder (which Beta's have), so I had to put a Brembo onto my Freeride to make it work. totally worth it. I clutch with my outer fingers and use the SLR with my index finger. No auto clutch. Any Hawaii people, you are welcome to to try my bike out if you come to Kahuku/Oahu. Or anyone else visiting
  6. KimDN

    Clake? ..worth getting?

    I have a Clake 2 in stock at the shop I work at, if anyone is interested PM me. $790 shipped to the mainland USA. Also have SLR for $308 shipped to the mainland USA.
  7. KimDN

    X TRAINER suspension

    If I were to get an X Trainer, there is no doubt that I would have moto9 do my suspension. A couple of years ago, I bought a 300xc from him that was his personal bike. He had sprung/valved it for his weight, about 190 lbs I think, and his A riding level. Even with it set up for his 30 lbs heavier than me and higher skill level, the suspension still felt great for me. He knows his stuff. Maybe I should have checked with moto9 before posting this
  8. KimDN

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    moto, That's great! I was figuring you liked the continuous pipe cage over a skid plate for mud catching reasons. Which reminds me, I need to put some holes in my Hyde skid plate to let the mud out--I'm betting it'll be mud ride this weekend. will you be making it to Oahu to ride anytime soon?
  9. KimDN

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    moto9, looks great. I was expecting to see no skid plate, just a continuation of the cage.
  10. KimDN

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    moto9, I'm sure you're gonna love the X. I sat on one yesterday, didn't get a chance to ride it but the stance feels very similar to my Freeride. I'm sure it will run better than the finicky Freeride doh! Steve was buzzing around a bit so he'll know more than me. Tubliss, auto clutch and hand brake, and you're set Joe does great work and takes great care of his Big Island people!
  11. KimDN

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    The 250rr, I sold it to a friend who just sold it back to Tiki Cycles a couple of days ago, he had a buyer for it. My friend really liked it, I had set it up with Rekluse Core EXP, hand brake, pretty much everything you could get for it; shoulda done the suspension though. If I could do it all again, I would have 1) gotten a 300, or 2) not put in an auto clutch--I really like them on 300s but it wasn't the same on a 250. And most importantly 3) suspension work. Otherwise, great bike.
  12. KimDN

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    It was a 2 man auto repair shop, with no motorcycle items other than 2 used bikes. one of the shop people had no part of the m/c side of it. I drove by it 4 times before I realized that was the place I was looking for.
  13. KimDN

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    HDR, when you say there's no smaller dealer than our Oahu dealer, you are definitely wrong. The only other Beta dealer I ever went to (Arizona) was not even recognizable as a motorcycle store. It was an auto repair shop who had one or two bikes in there. So Tiki Cycles looks like Bert's Mega Mall compared to him! I'm not trying to put down the X Trainer (I may be getting one!), but to say that you've never seen such a buzz about any dirt bike is probably a bit jaded. Since this is a Beta forum, and if you are active here, you probably are a Beta fan. To me, because I'm active with the Freeride, it seems that the Freeride has a never before seen hype. But I know that it's from my perspective. I'm sure in other areas, the new model KTM race bikes that are coming out are creating a huge buzz. It all depends on your interests. Pre orders suck. Like moto9 says, unwinding a deal is a pain in the azz for both buyer and seller. Hopefully it won't be a problem in this case. The biggest reason I would not pay in full in advance for this bike is because no one has seen it in action. Hells Gate was a top rider who is likely not on a stock type bike, and that just happened; before that, no one has ridden one publicly. The Freeride has been out for over a year, so I knew what I to expect for the most part. The XT 'should' be good, but I have to wait and see first before I throw down the $. HDR or Moto9, can I test ride???
  14. KimDN

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    I own a jumper pack, but I leave it in the truck not my backpack. I'm sure it's possible, but I've never had a battery just suddenly die on me without warning. Same goes with the starter components, they don't normally fail suddenly, you can hear when they're starting to weaken. I do carry in my pack a spare starter button And there's always at least one KTM or other bike with a battery riding with me that I could steal their battery if I had to Currently in Hawaii I have my Freeride and my street legal 05 KTM200, but I may sell that since I don't ever ride it. You have more bikes than I do!! I don't have a deposit with Joe on an XT.
  15. KimDN

    Beta X-Trainer 300

    Moto9, you're right there is a lot to like about the XT! So much that there may be one in my garage.....But if the suspension is anywhere close to what my '13 250rr was, it will badly need reworking. Ah, I forgot you are a master at that, I wish I had those skills. Give and take is what these bikes are about, unfortunately. In the case of the Freeride, lighter brakes off of the 85's give up some performance but make the bike extremely light. The low price tag of the Beta means that there will likely be some lower quality items on it (suspension?). I hope I'm wrong about that. As far as the estart goes, I'm hoping that the latest 2015 version of the KTM starter components will stand the test of time. I just have to be ready in case it doesn't, so I have spare parts just in case . For XT and FR, I suggest upgrading to the strongest lith ion battery you can get. I upgraded mine to the Shorai 14L2, much stronger than the stock lith. On the Beta you will lose some weight there as well. It's only money!