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  1. hey i know exactly what your talking about... it is a small notch on the frame (near the hole for the steering stem is supposed to go through) were the lower part of the triple-clamp hits the frame to stop the fork from hitting either the radiator or gas tank. (thats why when you turn your handlebars sharply you here a CLUNK when it stops... thats the thing on the triple-clamp hitting the stopper on the frame) if its missing then yes you have a BIG problem! you will get damage to your tank (puncture) and radiator both of which will be expensive to fix. Get something to weld a stopper back onto the frame. If you dont have a welder find someone that does or if your willing to fork out some dough take it to your local shop. but whatever you do DO NOT RIDE YOUR BIKE UNTIL YOU HAVE FIXED IT!! if you do you will have to be getting a new radiator and tank.
  2. umm in the music, was that RAP with sweet home alabama in it! uhuh lynard skynard and rap dont mix im putting my foot down on this one. rap has stole to many classic songs, and just ruin it. RAP IS CRAP!
  3. umm... i couldent find 1 but a torrent of the hangtown nationals deffenatly would
  4. the 90' step up at Hangtown, hit it once and came up short brok both my legs now i cant even think about hitting that thing again. heres a pick of sum1 hitting it during nationals just the begining in the pick mad props to any1 who has the skillz to clear that thing! http://www.off-road.com/dirtbike/aug2001/hangtown/gallery/hangtown434.JPG
  5. how much did that set u back? ($)
  6. Totp!!
  7. well i put the green stiker on anyway! (hope this dosent come back to bight me in the ass later)
  8. umm that random ass sene with the drango going thru the mud was stupid
  9. naw mines an 03, i think only the 05 and up are green
  10. man that trck looks like so much fun...alot of blind jumps though
  11. fairfield!
  12. Im thinking about putting my XR100 green sticker onto my 03 WR250 (red sticker) just wondering about the consequences about getting caught. Just got them in the mail 2day and i am about to do it so i need some info quick
  13. I think it was cary heart (im probley wrong), i remember seeing that during the X Games. but whoever it was i know that they deffanatly did live, a broken pelvis and a few other things
  14. ^^^^^^ HAHAHA love it used to do that all the time, pywood, wood blocks and a mountain bike, I LOVED it. (warning dont hit somthing like that with your frnt brake pulled in and no helmet. learned that the hard way, got to high and freaked and pulled it the brake. LOL i still have that scare on my forehead)