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  1. Ajsteinberger

    Spongy Front Brakes....WTF

    Chills, I had the same problem with my front brakes. I bought the ride eng brake line and vac bled the w/ the caliper above the master. That seemed to cure it, I havent had a problem w/ them yet. I am now having the same problem w/ my rear brakes. I vac bled, re built the master and still no luck. I think I might get the ride eng line for the back too. Well, good luck w/ your brakes and good job on your race last weekend I heard you whooped ass.
  2. Ajsteinberger

    Anyone have State Farm Insurance on their 450's?

    Does any one know of a insurance company that offers just teft coverage?
  3. Ajsteinberger

    Crazy 3-wheeler Dude...

    I like what he says in the start..."People ask me all the time, whats wrong w/ my quad? I'll tell you whats wrong, you got one too many wheels on it!" Funny stuff...