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  1. Now that the Forrest Service has corraled everyone onto their little closed circuit trail system it is virtually unridable unless you happen to be riding a tank. It's one blind corner after another and you never know what's coming the other way. It could be another bike or a pickup truck and they could be going 5 or 50. We've had three collisions in our last 2 trips and numerous near misses or near hits depending on how you look at it. My Honda, which is currently without front forks after an altercation with a speeding quad, has also had the pleasure of trading metal with a dune buggy and another bike. My Son claims he won't ride there again after spending the last day of our vacation in the Ocala ER (He's ok except for a few stiches thankfully). The bike is another story. On our last trip, we had two collisions within the space of 20 minutes. We even passed a grave marker on one of the trails yesterday. A ten year old kid now dead. And now that they've closed off the pit at Rodman Resivoir its even worse because all of those people are out on the trail system. The Forrest Service has successfully taken a very big place and made it seem very small and very dangerous. And for what? To protect the stands of toilet paper producing trees from the damaging recreational vehicles? The same stands that are systematically decimated through clear cutting? Well the Forrest Service can't see the forrest through the trees. It was so much better before they started medling. You could ride all day and not see a soul, at least in the northern sections that we frequent. Now everyone is crammed onto their liitle trails just wide enough for one quad and nowhere to go to avoid a collision except head on into a tree. There are actual traffic jams on the trail system. For a minute, I thougt I was on I75 heading home. You can't even ride on the right of way any more. Whats up with that? A wide open dirt road where all manner of vehicles have driven for decades and it is vitually unchanged. What damage can a recreational vehicle do to a right of way? Or what about the trail heads where you can't park? What good is a trail head with a no parking sign? What is the problem here? The vehicles may damage the dirt? I have been riding at Croom for quite some time and have never had a collision. This in spite of the fact that you have many more vehicles crammed into an infinitely smaller space. I can only conclude it is because you have hundres or even thousands of trails instead of 4 or 5. I don't know what else to say except that if you ride the ONF, be prepared for alot of this
  2. There is quite a bit of talk regarding the EPA regulations and "public lands". As far as I can tell, the EPA regulations mention nothing regarding "public lands" except that state and local authorities may, in addition to the rules currently in place, ban closed course or competition exempted bikes from public lands altogether, be it for competition or otherwise. Let me be very clear here, the regulations explicitly state that it is a violation of federal law to operate an exempted closed course bike ANYWHERE outside of a sanctioned event. The language regarding public lands was added because many sanctioned events also happen to be hosted on public lands.
  3. BigDog46

    Fair Class rule PASSED ! ! ! !

    That's ok, if these new rules are as stated, Honda will look like fools and will either reverse themselves on their anti 2 stroke position or have no offerings in at least 2 of the amatuer classes.
  4. BigDog46

    Fair Class rule PASSED ! ! ! !

    This makes no sense. They will still be handicapping the 4 stroke in the super mini and the 125 schoolboy classes but not giving the 4 stroke a handicap in any other classes. Of course there is no rule that the AMA has to make any sense. Creating a different structure for pros and amatuers is just ludicrous.
  5. BigDog46

    Fair Class rule PASSED ! ! ! !

    Something's not right here. The Honda 150r can race in the mini class against an 85 but it can't race in the lights class against a 125? Call me a skeptic but If I had to guess the rule changes were limited to the inclusion of 150r 4 stroke in the 85 2 stroke class and the 144 2 stroke (by any means) in the lights class and the motocross class is unchanged. I'd love to be proven wrong though.
  6. BigDog46

    Helmet stink??

    You boys need to check your facts. Sweat contains water, amonia and urea among other things. Pretty much the same stuff that comes out the other end.
  7. BigDog46

    144 bolt on kit

    Anyone make a direct bolt-on 144 kit for a '03 RM125? I don't want to stroke it, just bore it out. Is having the cylinder resleeved the only way to do it and if so, is there anything wrong with using a steel sleeve? I want to fix my son up and am looking for the most cost effective method. Also, if you do go with a big bore kit, is the stock carb large enough and where would you start with the jetting. Thanks in advance.
  8. BigDog46

    Helmet stink??

    I don't remove my liners because they never seem to go back in exactly the way they came and out and not every peice is removable. I just spray the whole thing down good with some diluted dishwashing liquid and then rinse them gently with a hose after every ride. There's no way I am going to put that sweat (which is basically urine) soaked thing back on my head.
  9. BigDog46

    Registration Issue and the EPA

    The EPA regulations are in force now. 2006 and newer models are included and it just not just include 2 strokes. A CRF450R does nor meet the emissions standards any more than an RM250. Any bike that does not meet their emissions standards is not legally usable for recreation. They have an exemption for MX and other "race" bikes but that only allows the manufacturers to continue to build them. It does not allow you to continue to use them for recreation. California has it's own program as you know. Having said this, these EPA regulations are currently unenforcable in almost every state. The EPA lacks the enforcement manpower to do it. The only way this will ever be enfiorced would have to come from the state and/or local level and that will come down to politics and economics. It's anyones guess as to whether or not these standards will be enforced in a given state. In Florida, there is currently no enforcement what so ever. There is no distiction being made between a race only bike and any other trail bike. Look at it this way. It is currenty illegal, arcording to the EPA, to modify the emissions control systems including the intake and exhaust on a Harley-Davidson for example. And yet 95% of the people who buy them do just that, sometimes before they even get the bike home. When was the last time you heard of someone being cited or fined for this. It just doesn't happen. I've seen citations given out for noise levels, not in Florida though, but never heard of anyone, anywhere being citied for emissions violations. On the other hand, the EPA knows full well that, as a result of their rules, manufacturers will move away from 2 strokes in favor of 4 strokes. It's just so much easier to make them run clean. They have not told manufacturers to do this. They just know it will be a natural consequence. It's right in their written documentation. And if this is their real agenda, stated or not, they'll eventually get what they want without any enforcement and whether the states choose to play along or not. If you want to play it safe, buy a 2002 or older in California or a 2005 or older anywhere else. Chances are, your machine will be grandfathered in and you'll never have to worry about it.
  10. You make it sound like most people do one or the other. I have both street bikes and dirt bikes and I am not about to part with any of them except the Harleys that I just sold. The current generation of sport bikes is not to be taken lightly. They are incredibly fast and powerful. I have a 2006 GSXR750 and it will do 80 in 1st gear without even trying and it only takes a few seconds, if that, to get there. It's pretty docile below 8k. Get it above 10k and you come face to face with the monster. The liter bikes are even more impressive and make more power than a mere mortal like myself can possibly handle although I have heard that the K7 gixxer 750's are now pulling on the K5 1000's. I got a 750 because it turns like a 600 and makes power more like a 1000. But don't kid yourself, if you don't respect them they will bite you, badly. And if the bike doesn't bite you the cagers will. And the potential for abuse is very high. It is difficult even for a conservative and mature rider to resist twisting that throttle and it only takes a fraction of a second to go from cruising to reckless driving, a confiscated bike and an overnight stay in the slammer. As far as using one for a daily commuter, I wouldn't do it. Been there done that. I rode Kawasaki 2 stroke triple for years way back when in college. I even used to drive it back and forth from school on Long Island to home in upstate New York. I felt like the guy in Cannon Ball Run who drove his through a billboard. I remember one time I left Stony Brook on one fall afternoon. It was in the high seventies so I wore just a light jacket. Got up in the Catskills were it promptly dropped into the 30's. I spent half the night hanging out in a rest area on 17 outside of Roscoe trying to keep from freezing to death. That was my last long trip on the bike. And then there is the rain. Rather unpleasant to say the least unless you like the feeling of being shot at with a high powered automatic BB gun while simultaneously standing under a waterfall.
  11. BigDog46

    Suspension Tuning?

    Don't be put off s&l. We have an RM85 that used to be my son's. Now my wife rides it. She's 5'4" and under a 100lbs though. I will admit that I have ridden it around the house on more than one occaision. It's a powerful little thing. I just would never try to jump it. I would kill it and possibly myself. How old is you son? Set it up for him and you can still play with it too.
  12. BigDog46

    Suspension Tuning?

    You are WAY to big for the bike. Isn't the weight limit specified by Suzuki around 120 lbs? It is going to bottom out no matter what you do. That 3.7" of sag, is that with you on it? In any case, if you turn the spring collar adjusting nut clockwise that will compress the spring and reduce the sag. Find the stock settings for the compression and rebound adjusters in your manual and start from there. You can add more compression to increase bottom resistance. Whatever you do, STOP JUMPING, or that little bike is going to fold up like a crushed beer can. Sorry if that was harsh. The bike was just not made for big people.
  13. BigDog46

    Need advice on new bike!!

    The 150r is too small and the 230f is too heavy and too slow. A 125 2 stroke would be good for your size. A KTM 144SX would be the ticket in my humble opion. If you are worried about the restrictions, find a left over 2005. Anything 2005 and older is exempt from the EPA regs (Cali regs not withstanding).
  14. BigDog46

    Frame question

    Speaking of painted steel, does anyone know if suzuki frame paint is available in a spray can or, better yet, have a paint code? By the way, any steel frame will rust in the absence of paint. That doesn't mean it's paper thin. Mine seem to be holding up well enough. If it's true that "they" can't give them away then please let "them" know that I am prepared to take all "they" can supply free of charge.
  15. BigDog46

    Fat Bars & Front Number Plate

    Thanks, I had not thought of that. If you compressed the suspension and turned the bars there's a chance it could end up on the wrong side. I guess I won't slice mine off, as much as I'd like to since it interferes with the organic flow through of my signature edition RC pro tapers.