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  1. I would recomend not getting colored tires. Well the tire I had all of the treads snapped off but that is desert riding so I dont know what you ride. Innova tires is the company that I had and I think is the only company that makes them besides Kenda for 50's.
  2. Ok I have a 1999 Cr 125 and its is time to get some new plastics so intead of getting the old style 99' I was wondering if there is any way that I could make it into a newer style . Well thanks in advance for your help.
  3. so what is stock compression?
  4. Is there a way to update my 1999 CR125 with some newer style plastics??
  5. My dad lowered the geering before he gave it to me and mine hits about 95.I would think this would be an awsome bike to cruise around town with but I am not quite old enough yet 15
  6. Wow this has changed me.LOL. I got a little to into I guess.Thanks I will be trying this when I get back into town.
  7. I think you should paint the disc brake cover black or OD green that looks alot better than stock grey.The paint looks awsome I am painting my bug that color.
  8. Thats pretty funny
  9. Thats not how you are supposed to think if your learning to ride a wheelie. Only think of rinding it smoothly and you probaly will with a little self confidence.
  10. do you have clutch and front brake or just one?
  11. If your clutching it than make sure you can pull the clutch back in if you think it is coming up to fast
  12. I just lock mine up to a something solid and around my frame but do not let the chain touch the grond or someone can beat it with a rock or something
  13. or the loudest 50 pipe
  14. Why dont you just answer his question let him ride and have fun
  15. soory amout the big pics dont know how to make them smaller