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  1. mtzracing

    2015 San Felipe 250 rumors

    Trucks are going to ruin some good riding.
  2. Nothing like getting the whole family locked in a mouse trap cage in secondary by the Americans! And never a "Welcome Home Mr. Martinez". No the military check do not bother us.
  3. mtzracing

    Harry Devert's body found in Mexico

    RIP Harry but main land is not Baja.
  4. mtzracing

    border crossing in a mexican truck

    The only thing to fear about Baja is not riding there. mtz
  5. mtzracing

    border crossing in a mexican truck

    Ride the bike over going in. mtz
  6. mtzracing

    2014 Baja 500

    Jose's beer stand is very close! mtz
  7. mtzracing

    Need some info for a chase truck

    East/West seems like you have three options: 1. Hwy 1/Hwy5 through Coco's (Good for getting to Gonzaga from west) 2. Hwy1/Hwy3 via Valle De Trinidad (Good for getting to San Felipe from west) (You could take the lake bed off three and visit Jose, just air down some) 3. Hwy1/Hwy3 way up through Ensenada (Good for a long drive)
  8. mtzracing

    Planning for Baja in December

    If you see senior Verde, tell him I'm still wondering if the Magna Bar was melted or not, he will know what I mean. mtz
  9. mtzracing

    Planning for Baja in December

    Thats a great ride going west, consider turning south a bit to san quentin and the fish camps for bbq oysters on the beach, stop at the pex and get a couple cervesas to take with you. But don't stay too long or you will be on lights coming in to Coyote Cals if you ride all dirt north. I highly recomend a massage from Ta at Coyote Cal's, I suggest a half hour in the morning just before you ride out, most do it in the evening on arrival, Ive never ridden more loose than after her morning magic! mtz
  10. mtzracing

    Baja bound or?

    You will get the best price for those Kidneys just south of Ensenada. mtz
  11. mtzracing

    Planning for Baja in December

    Jim's is safe haven!
  12. mtzracing

    Planning for Baja in December

    Damn they are on the road and didn't get the most important information; "All plans are subject to Local Conditions"
  13. mtzracing

    Planning for Baja in December

    I don't remember if you own or rented a SAT phone... you should think about it. If you do, list its number in your SPOT Help and SOS message, turn it on after hitting the come save my ass button.
  14. mtzracing

    Planning for Baja in December

    Consider an ATT pay as you go phone purchased on the us side if you don't already have. You will have issues with mexican phone and sprint is not near as good as ATT. Enjoy.
  15. mtzracing

    Planning for Baja in December

    That's it and it will work, I run the same tank you have. Trust me, I've done mucho crash testing on the cooler! If you do procure one but don't have time to install, bring it with, you could instal it at the first oil change, its that easy... read my PM on how I fill mine. Just the way I do it, not required.