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  1. Kiwi Chipster

    Where is the Engine Number?

    I'm moving overseas, and taking my Husky with me. You can imagine the paperwork.... I've found the VIN/chassis number, but where's the engine number stamped? Help is appreciated.
  2. Kiwi Chipster

    07 plastics on an 05 TC 450....pics inside

    This post got me thinking.... my '04 plastics are starting to look a bit tired, but also look dated when compared with the newer stuff. Is it possible to replace '04 plastics with later year plastics? Even '05?
  3. Kiwi Chipster

    And now, something completely different...

    Can anyone give me the google earth coordinates for this place? I'd like to know a) where it is, and what the whole area looks like from above. Thanks.
  4. Kiwi Chipster

    Threw the right exhaust valve shim.

    I had exactly the same problem. All I could think of is that I hit the decomp accidentally while riding. See valve photo here for what I found... http://s47.photobucket.com/albums/f169/Kiwichipster/ It had fair mashed the spring retainer, so I had to get a new one. Replaced the retainer and dropped the shim back in and it has given me no problems ever since (touch wood!!).
  5. Kiwi Chipster

    How Tall Are TE Riders?

    6' 5" and 100kg (220lbs) and find that the Husky is one of the few bikes that truly 'fits'. Love it. Had the suspension reworked for my weight, so rides quite firm but perfect for me.
  6. Kiwi Chipster

    Occasional misfire - TE450

    It does sound like it could be a bog due to the A/P squirt, but it can't be cold weather related - it's the height of summer here so about 80F most days. Not what I'd call cold. I'll try Downunder's suggestion first, as the problem has manifested itself during or immediately after water crossings.
  7. Kiwi Chipster

    TE450 Popping and backfiring on overrun/decel.

    Hey Barrobuild. Mine's a 2004 TE450.
  8. I've just recently started to notice a marked increase in popping/backfiring from the silencer. My bike's always done it a bit, but it seems to be doing it alot more recently. I've seen in other threads, references to incorrect pilot jets causing this. Is this right? Could the pilot jet simply be blocked? Or is it something else? Help is appreciated! Cheers.
  9. Kiwi Chipster

    Occasional misfire - TE450

    Hey Tomdownunder, you know that could be it!! Cheers. The first time it happened was on a trail ride, and it certainly happened more riding in the intermittent rain. Temp was about 70F (22C) so it's not like it was cold. The second trail ride I did (the following week) the bike only did it either IN water or immediately after stream crossings. I'll have a look at the HT and see if I can insulate it. Or do you think a new (aftermarket) HT lead is a better option? I think it's less likely to be related to cold weather, coz both days were warm.
  10. Kiwi Chipster

    Occasional misfire - TE450

    Doesn't anyone in here know anything about this? Rode again yesterday and it did it occasionally again. Very frustrating coz it doesn't do it all the time. Come on Husky fans, any advice?
  11. Kiwi Chipster

    Occasional misfire - TE450

    Did a recent trailride, which was awesome, but I noticed a very occasional misfire. It only happened when I went from partial throttle to full throttle very quickly, expecting the bike to light up like it normally does. The engine 'bogged' with full throttle, so I had to back it off, then slowly open her up again, and there was no problem. I'm not that crash hot with carbs, but does this sound like blocked jets/accelerator pump? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Kiwi Chipster

    TC 450 04 Starting noises.

    Just wanted to resurrect this thread, after far too long. I've been out of (dirt bike) action since posting here ages ago, after falling hard on my shoulder, dislocating it, rotator cuff tear, and damaging my scapula. Anyway, back on deck now (with a much weaker shoulder!) and have finally got my Husky back, all fixed, free of charge from the dealer. Was an 'engine out' job, to replace the starter ring gears, and while they were inside they of course replaced the damaged valve shim and collar (see earlier posts in this thread for 'before' photos). And now that the summer's here, time for some trailriding!
  13. Kiwi Chipster

    Bark Busters and hand guards

    I'm siding with the Ego Barkbuster folk http://www.barkbusters.net/HandGuards.htm . Got them on my TE450 and they're great. Very strong too.
  14. Is there a head to head test out there in medialand that compares the HP2 with the SER? I'd love to read it.
  15. Kiwi Chipster

    700 miles, first valve check/shim

    Hey, The FMF pipe is great. Only changed the pipe coz the original got busted. It's kighter, no louder, and although not a dramatic increase in power, it gives lovely smooth extra power right across the range. A lovely soft tone until you open the taps and then it barks..... The pegs are Roc Stompas, from Australia - see www.rocstompa.com They're better than anything else I've used, made from 7075 Aerospace grade aluminium . Treads and bushes are replaceable and stainless. It's still a bummer with the bike off the road though.....