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    Music, and Old Suzuki's
  1. Buffalo Bob

    Building a Hydrogen Powered Bike

    well.....your both right..... ( GT750 Suzuki 1972-1977 ) was a 3 Cyl., 2 Stroke ,Water Cooled bike..... Piston Eng. commonly known as a Water Buffalo.--------- the ( RE5 only 2 years 1975-1976 ) shared the same Gas Tank, wheels , Seat, and most of their parts.... but, it WAS a Rotary , and the RE5 means it was only a 500cc... I bought a new GT750 in the spring of 73...... Yes , I am OLD..... LOL , and I don't know everything, but since then , I have owned about 10 or more Water Buffalo's ......have 2 right now. and I know a lot about them.
  2. Buffalo Bob

    Where are all the old timers?

    I guess I must be an Old Timer ........ much older and I'll be a Has Been, LOL .
  3. Buffalo Bob

    Where are all the old timers?

    I'm about as OLD as they get, I love them old Water Buffalo's ....... anyone know what I'm talking about ???