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  1. pedec

    Too lean?

    Your bike is running rich based on plug and carbon in head you could go 1/4 turn leaner and turn your main 1/8th turn leaner and feel bike come alive. Or just try it and see if you like it.
  2. pedec

    2013 husqvarna cr144 / cr125

    They are great bikes. I owned a 2008 cr125/165 and 2013wr125/165. Put the 165 kit on and bike is just a good as a ktm 200. Lot of information on this forum just do a search.
  3. pedec

    buy a new bike or invest??

    I have a 2012 ktm 250sx I tried to make into a off road bike and I could just not make it work off road like my 2013 wr165 was way better even in a sand off road race. Found a good place for 250sx snowbike perfect.
  4. pedec

    buy a new bike or invest??

    Think you will be happy with your choice. Bike does not need to be new either lots of couple year old already set up enduro bike for fair price. I like 2 strokes 250 better than 300 because they are more playfull to ride. Beta 2 strokes are good or te, xc-w. I found the Yamaha 250x more a fast desert bike than a slow single track bike like the Beta. Do not be disappointed[ if you ride a 2 stroke off road bike and think it has no power compared to your old bike. That what makes the enduro 2 strokes so good the power is smooth and suspension soft that what you want for slow single track and works pretty good at faster pace also.
  5. pedec

    2018 Beta 300 Cycle News Test

    I rode the Te250 all year stock even did a couple mx races on stock suspension and only getting stiffer spring sense suspension needs a rebuild anyways do to hours. I could not have done that on Beta and a lot less suspension guys are familiar with Beta brand suspension. The husky preload adjuster really helps to hold forks up in the stroke and let a person get away with softer springs when riding fast or softer dirt/sand nice option.
  6. pedec

    2018 Beta 300 Cycle News Test

    My only problem with Beta was it was to soft for fast off road or mx style stuff but in tight slow single track they do seem really good. This is compared to my 17te250 I am and glad I bought the husky 90 hrs and just jd jet kit and sx head. I will get suspension revalved this year and stiffer front spring other than that my te250 has been really good. I have only kick it twice to start to make sure it works other than that electric start has been perfect
  7. I use to go down to Moab with couple guys from Calgary that said this winter has been crazy for snow and was planning to head out there for some spring riding but out of the question this year which sucks. Logmaster put some studs on and you could ride right in the snow there no problem and on your path it would work great also. There would be no grass left in the spring though. Looks like you're having fun anyways.
  8. pedec

    How does this plug look?

    Looks great to me and you have a little safety room for lower temps and WOT situations or deep sand. For what you gain leaning it not worth it.
  9. Snowbike or Snocross sled I would take snowbike every time if you have enough snow they crazy fun. Either one wear full mx gear.
  10. If it froze just put studs on way safer and fun. Actually I really enjoy studded riding now. If snow get to deep get out the snowbike that is also a crazy amount of fun. If your riding on ice with no studs it only matter of time till you bite it hard.
  11. pedec

    New Beta’s

    Last time I went to Demo Beta ride was at a off road race in Manitoba around Sept. Was a really well setup demo ride were you ride the bike on a full loop we race on very cool. I almost bought a Beta 250rr after seemed like a great bike.
  12. pedec

    2016 300 XC Engine Performnce Mods

    Have you tried different gearing. Do you ever use 6 gear or have enough power to use it. If not gear it down. I am running a 2012 ktm 250sx with lectron, avid carb heater, fmf pipe on timbersled sx and it works really well. The 250sx has a close ratio 5 speed and my top speed is 45mph in deeper snow and maybe 50 on trail but power feels good everywhere below that in any gear. Before getting it geared right was alway looking for right gear or slipping clutch a lot. Was thinking about 300 kit but now bike is working so well might leave it alone. I do not ride at high alltude.
  13. pedec

    Recommend me a boot

    Tech 7 for me. They last 4 years I ride around 90-100 hours a year and would last longer if resoled. For $350.00 that really good and fit me well. Do not buy the enduro Tech 7 the sole is too soft and only lasted 2 years but very comfortable and easy to walk in. For dual sporting riding Enduro Tech 7 would be ok not for mx.
  14. pedec

    Best helmet money can buy

    TDL SE3 I have is like 8 years old but was high tech back then and has held up better than my SHOEI that almost all the plastics vents ripped now.
  15. pedec

    Best helmet money can buy

    Like my TLD se3 still have it to lend to friends. Then had a Arai and it was the heaviest hottest helmet I ever owned but works great for sledding and snowbiking in the winter. This year I bought a Leatt 5.5 and it is the lightest most ventaleted helmet I have ever warn.It does fit a little funny not a lot of padding and smaller than most helmet but the biggest thing is how cool it keep your head love it and lots of safety stuff like break away visor.