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  1. Racing

    450f in the 1/4 mile?

    Did a 12,2 with my YZ450 2005 supermoto. Gearing:15/41. Modified
  2. Racing

    Husky update.

    Where can i get more info on a 2008 450RR. Would like to know what the diff. is between normal SMR and the RR. Husky website does not give much.
  3. Tried some Castrol SRF last weekend and it worked wonders. Pitty it is so expensive.
  4. Thanx guys, I use the Magura Radial (caliper) system. The pads are still new but not sure what fluid is in it - think it is dot 5. I will bleed and put in new fluid. Also think it is possible that there is some moisture in the system. I like to clean! What fluid must i use, Dot4 or Dot5.1? What is the difference?
  5. After a few hot laps around the track my brakes began to fail. I use a full Magura system. What can be done? I think it comes with a braided hose?
  6. Racing

    Clutchless gear changing.

    Use my '05 YZ450 for Supermoto and rarely use the clutch when upshifting. If you want you can actually hold it flat and shift without clutch! I I am sure there is more wear than normal on the components but it is fast. Last season whe replaced gearbox once (100 hours of hard riding). I think this is worth the money. People spend lots of money on performance parts, this for me is every cent worth.
  7. First, I have done this a few years back and worked very nice on a two stroke road bike i used to race. What do you guys think? I know it is bad for the pipe as dirt wil get in under it and that it wil become wet and and and...but, does it work? I know how it works but on a motocross bike? Second, and more important, how do you do it? We used to wrap and then use locking wire to secure. Only the header or only the middle part? Can't seem to find anything on how to wrap it, only how it works..... I am currently using it as a supermoto and some basic motocross for motard practise.
  8. Racing

    Question on changing gears on a 4-stroke?

    The Yamaha 450 has one of the nicest gearboxes ever in my opinion. I do supermoto and rarely use any clutch for up or downshifting. My bike is a '05 model and only had to replace the box once in two and a half seasons of hard racing. Even under full load one can just hit next gear without clutch. I know this sounds very harch but most of the time i use it like this with no problems.
  9. Can anyone help me. The bolts that hold the shrouds to the tank on my YZ450 '05 is stripped and can't come loose. Think this is a common problem on these bikes. How do i go about? Want to fit new shrouds.
  10. Racing

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Hopes this work. Two racing pics. This is from our National series in South Africa. http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s115/Racing_012/Motard1.jpg http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s115/Racing_012/Motard2.jpg
  11. Racing

    YZ 1/4 turn race throttle mod

    Think this wil work nice for dune or where there is good traction, but where it is slippery it can be even harder to control. Bought a throttle tube that is shaped so that it works progressive. This worked very well for loose ground or when traction is at a minimum (Flattrack racing). Makes it easy to control. Half twist tubes can be a handful to control. Sorry but this worked better for me even with the motard i currently race. Just twist hard if you want it all!
  12. Racing

    Pro Circuit T4 exhaust, Broken head pipe!!

    Same thing here. Also a lowboy header. Had to buy another new one.
  13. Do any of you guys know this product (Carb cooler heat shield)? They (Carbonfiberworks) also sell a airbox heat shield and airbox inner cooler. I like the idea but does anybody use or seen one of the products. Sorry, don't know if this is the right forum for this question?
  14. I have a '05 YZF450 and want to fit a full pipe. Do any of u know a Pro-circuit GP-lowboy? Using the bike for motard racing. Can also get a Dr. D but some people say it is not the best for motards because it does not work on top but only low and midrange???
  15. What is the chm sm-1? What is the full name of this system. Do any of u know a Pro circuit, GP lowboy system and if it is any good?