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  1. crazydirtbiker1

    Any MX tracks open in IL on the 4th?

    ltm's website says the track is open for riding but there won't be no track prep
  2. crazydirtbiker1


    will it still be an offroad park or does he plan on doing something else with the land?
  3. crazydirtbiker1


    over on woodracers.com under the cornstalk 100 thread.
  4. crazydirtbiker1


    Was lincoln trail motosports sold?
  5. crazydirtbiker1

    Polaris 525 Quad

    http://www.pinitmotorsportsmc.com/default.asp theres a pic of the ktm quad here
  6. crazydirtbiker1

    No supercross on tv

    they probably aren't showing it cause its march madness the elite 8 games will be on cbs today
  7. crazydirtbiker1

    What was your first bike?

    xr70 engine in a 100 frame
  8. crazydirtbiker1

    What's on your Christmas list this year?

    clothes and money. i might buy a leftover 2005 kdx200 for my present to myself but i havent decided to get it or wait till after income tax time and get a ktm 250xcw.
  9. crazydirtbiker1

    How much should i pay?

    Whats the most i should pay for a brand new leftover 2005 KDX200?
  10. crazydirtbiker1

    My 07 250 XC-W

    is that the stock gas tank or aftermarket? if its aftermarket what brand is it
  11. crazydirtbiker1

    My new ride.

    whats the hit like on that bike?
  12. crazydirtbiker1

    My 07 250 XC-W

    how is the hit in the powerband? I have heard people say the 2007 250 xcw has a hit like none other but i thought that that the 250xcw was supposed to be smooth in the power department.
  13. crazydirtbiker1

    2006 Klx300?

    do the 2006 models have problems with the shift star and idler gear or have they been fixed? never owned a klx300 and was thinking of picking one up.