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  1. My DRZ 400 will act like it is running out of fuel and is hell to restart. Seem like no matter what choke position or pit cock position it takes a few minutes to restart. Seems like only in the morning??? One guy said that he just runs it in prime all the time. Is there a modification I can to to keep this from happening? Thanks, Lance
  2. lmcour

    DRZ running out of fuel

    Does anyone know what the fix is for a DRZ 400 that wants to run out of fuel (yes on a full tank)? One guy said that he just runs the bike on prime but you could easly run out of fuel (no reserve). And what the hell is this vacuum feed crap. How about just using the gravity feed like everything else. Thanks, Lance
  3. lmcour

    A Harley!!

    picking on a poor harley...shame on you!!! I own both a Road King and a DRZ 400 and enjoy both riding styles....riding fun is where we find it...happy riding.
  4. lmcour

    *suggestion* DRZ knowledgebase

    Eddie maybe you can help me with a problem I am having with my DRZ 400. My bike acts like it runs out of fuel. The other morning I had a hard time restarting it just to get back home. I will start after a series of different choke settings and pitcock settings. Do you know what the problem is or can you direct me to a link that will help? Thanks, Lance