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  1. jivesucko

    piston question

    Hey everyone, I just got a bike from a kid and it was in the middle of a top end rebuild. I got on the cheap because I told him Id do it myself and now Ive just discoverd the bike was stroked. He got a stock piston and it sticks out of the top of the jug about 4mm. Whats the best way to find out what size piston is needed. I dont have access to the old piston, thatd be too easy right. Its not bored just stroked, and its on a 98 rm 125. Thanks a million in advance.
  2. jivesucko

    Rm 125 piston clearance problem

    good call on it being stroked I think your right, bike has been repainted recently and has brand new plastics and fork seals, if your goning to do all that to a 98 why put in the same tired old motor right. If I get the numbers off of the rod can I find the right piston?
  3. K guys here it is, rebuilt the top end on a 98 rm 125. When I had it back together I tried to cycle it by hand and it was hanging up. I took off the top of the head and at tdc the piston is sticking out about the width of a nickel. Could it be wrong gaskgets, piston, are there and shims or spacers on the bottom or top part of the jug that Im missing? I got the bike and the jug was already taken off so Im assuming I got all the parts. Everything looks right to me, but its been a while since Ive been around smokers. I know the bike was running before it was taken apart? Any hints or suggestions would help alot.