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    Where are all the old timers?

    I rode back in the 70's. Started with my own bike in May 1976, a new holdover 1974 MX 360 Yamaha. I think I got that one for about $700 new. I was 16 and had been wanting one since the neighbor kid got a new 1973 XR 75. My folks didn't have money for 2 wheeled tomfoolery like that so I got a job bagging charcoal to pay for it when I turned 16. Read some motorcycle mag that recommended removing the geared counter balance to allow it to rev quicker. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID. Turned that dumb thing into a 2-cycle light switch. It was either off or full on, and full on was scary. Probably wasn't the "right" first bike but it worked. Broke the transmission in it 3 times that year. Sold it in the fall for $150. I did race it in a couple of TT's that year and loved the racing. Bought a 77 YZ 400 in 1978 and did some moto and woods riding but raced flatrack in the knobby tire class with it. Sold that and bought a new 79 YZ 400 in 1979. 2 or 3 mx's a fair amount of trail riding and more flattrack. My buddies raced TT 500's and had mod the bejesus out of them to keep up with the YZ's. Sold that bike and walked away from bikes entirely until about 1996 when my oldest boy wanted one. Bought a few oldies to keep the lads happy, until they started racing in 2000. Now my boys and me own 6 offroad bikes and I finally got one for myself this past January when I bought a new 05 KTM 525SX. My wife figures I'm safer on a dirt bike than a street bike so that wasn't too much problem getting her to go along with the idea of a mx bike for myself. If anybody goes to AMA dist 23 MX's this year just look for the really slow fat guy on the KTM with the big grin on his face.
  2. transplant

    Well I did it

    I bought a new 05 525 SX last week. It was a holdover from last year. It is the first new bike for me since 1979. I've bought several for my boys to race MX in the last 6 or 7 years ( with VERY generous Dad type repayment terms). I have been riding every thing from 125 2 strokes up to a YZ 450 and finally decided to get my own. We've never had KTM bikes before but we rented some in Moab Utah and just loved them. My riding is +40 c class MX and some private track riding. My problem now is waiting for spring to come to ride this thing. CAN'T WAIT.