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  1. TU87

    Lets see the RMZ's

    2014 RM-Z250
  2. TU87

    Help! 250 4-stroke catastrophe!

    I would be surprised if your cams or valves and guides were effected. Remember when you change your oil you warm up the bike then let the bike sit for 10 minutes or more to let the oil completely drain into the crankcase. So when you lost your oil plug and the oil was draining out as you were riding, there was still (minimal) oil up in the head and even on the bearings. Bearings only require a thing coating of oil to be lubricated and thus eliminate the heat caused by metal to metal friction. The volume of oil needed in an engine is due more to the oiling of the cylinder since the piston ring is designed to scrap off all the oil from the cylinder on the downward stroke. Having said that if you have the means ($) and the ability to simply change the lower end then I would do it.
  3. TU87

    Help! 250 4-stroke catastrophe!

    The stiffness you felt is the ring or piston skirt melting against the cylinder wall. This is the first thing that happens when you run an engine without oil. I would tear down the top end and look at the cylinder and piston and rings. You will probably have ring transfer to the cylinder wall. You will need a new piston and ring kit. Send the piston and rings and the cylinder to someone like Millennium Technologies to have the cylinder replated. As for the bottom end others can probably give you better yes no advice on whether to tear it down as well. As a minimum check the bearings and rod for free play. From experience the rings or piston will seize in the cylinder before the crank bearings are damaged.
  4. TU87

    Buying dirt bike with rebuilt motor

    I bought a 2010 crf250r 2 years ago that had a fresh complete rebuild on it following a crank bearing failure. The 2010's are known to have crank bearing issues. I would make sure that the owner has the documentation and that it was rebuilt by a reputable shop. I actually called the shop and talked to the mechanic that rebuilt it before buying the bike.
  5. TU87

    possible first time rm owner- 2013 rmz250

    I have a 2014, basically the same bike as a 2013. Strongly considered the 2014 yz250f but bought the suzuki because it cost me $1500 less. Glad I did, bike is a lot of fun, corners great even with stock suspension
  6. TU87

    2013 RMZ 250 Kickback - New owner

    My technique for starting is to initially kick half way on the starter, then release back to top and kick fully from there. My bikes starts much easier this way then simply kicking the starter all the way from the top. I did experience the "binding" action on the kickstarter till I started using this technique.
  7. TU87

    Engine cases!

    Here is a set on EBAY http://www.ebay.com/itm/2008-08-Suzuki-RMZ250-RMZ-250-Crankcases-Cases-Case-/171308338653?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item27e2c5cddd&vxp=mtr
  8. TU87

    Best oil for my 2009 rmz250

    Agree use the paper filters. As for oil I use Synthetic Rotella T in all our bikes.
  9. TU87

    2010 fuel pump filter

    No, since I change it every 20 hrs, but I have read previous posts where others had the same issue that you are having and changing the fuel filter solved their issue.
  10. TU87

    2010 fuel pump filter

    Filter should be changed every 20 hours.
  11. TU87

    What does my bike need to be race ready?

    Agree set the sag correctly. Suspension for pro riders are usually set stiffer than for beginners, so the springs on the bike might be just right for your weight. Look at getting an oversize front rotor. Tusk makes a kit for $120.
  12. TU87

    14' rear shock settings...

    I did the same to my '14 recently, but haven't had a chance to ride it yet. You can remove the spring from the bottom of the shock by removing the linkage. The hardest back is the getting at the retaining ring from that position, kind of tedious, but it beats taking off the subframe to remove the shock. Where are you running your fork tubes relative to the triple clamps?
  13. I am looking at installing a hi comp piston in my son's 2010 crf250r. From the posts I have been reading here, it seems like JE pistons is the way to go. My question is which one, the 13.8 or the 14.2? I believe if I run the 14.2 I would need to run race gas to avoid detonation, correct? I would like to be able to run pump gas for practice and run race gas at the races, will the 13.8 and/or the 14.2 allow this. Also looking at going with the hotcams Stage 2 cam. I know there are better options available, but I would like to keep the cost of the piston replacement and cam replacement to $500 or less.
  14. TU87

    Stripped oil check screw

    I discovered that the bolt Suzuki uses only goes in halfway, so only half the threads were stripped. I used a longer bolt with some blue loctite as a precaution and it tightens fine. I've been riding and checking the bolt and it is fine. Thanks to all for your replies.
  15. TU87

    Stripped oil check screw

    Anyone else stripped out the little oil check screw on the clutch cover side? Debating between taping for a larger screw or using a heli coil. Any thoughts?