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  1. TemeculaTim

    KLX 300 value?

    I told you Aaron:p Hold your line, don't sell it for less than you think it's worth.
  2. Sand is great, Silt, ala Baja style, is what scares me
  3. TemeculaTim

    looking to buy a 4x4 vehicle

    I own a 1976 FJ40 Toyota Landcruiser and a 2003 4x4 Tundra. Never been disapointed with either. The Landcruiser will go just about anywhere and take a lot of abuse. The Tundra is my daily driver and bike hauler, also a very well made truck.
  4. TemeculaTim

    Precision Concepts Suspension- -worth it?

    No question about it, one of the best mod's you can do to your XR. Never had any problems with performance or support. Bob Bell know's his stuff.
  5. TemeculaTim

    XR650R MOTOR mechanic in SanDiego/SoCal???

    if its not a jeep what is it? FJ40?
  6. TemeculaTim

    Baja rear start strategy: Did I screw up?

    Heres some first hand advice - if you see a helicopter wizzing over your head, watch out, something big and fast is coming up on your ass.
  7. TemeculaTim

    Well i got my Bike today

    Glad to see that you have dived into it as you said you would. Don't forget to check the timing chain also. It may be out of tolerance. Looking forward to hearing you progress and thanks for helping me clear out some space in my garage.
  8. TemeculaTim

    How low can you go?

    Need to ask a question reqarding compression. Is it possible for a bike to run with compression as low as 50lbs? A co-worker claims that his 97 XR 600R currently is running only about 50lbs. of compression and still runs strong. Any of you gearheads ou there think this is possible? I think he is not testing his cylinder correctly or is just full o' Crap.
  9. TemeculaTim

    XR650r or CFR450r

    Good thread! I have been having the same dillema. I currently have a 1998 XR600R with all the aftermarket crap money can buy. I am keeping it because it is bulletproof and dependable, but I want to get another bike for trail riding and have been drifting between the XR650R and CRF450X. Too many decisions, not enough cash.
  10. TemeculaTim

    Choke question?

    Your friend is wrong, and stupid.
  11. TemeculaTim

    Oh well, recovering the pig was fun!

    Been there and done that on getting stuck in water. Don't overlook your wheel and swing arm linkage bearings. Good bet they are wasted.
  12. TemeculaTim

    Wanted: The Magic Button

    It looks like the dual sport kit puts the battery behind the front plate and may be a better option.
  13. TemeculaTim

    Wanted: The Magic Button

    The JoeRacer kit lots like the most sano kit out. I am going to look into that one. Thanks to all for the info.
  14. TemeculaTim

    Wanted: The Magic Button

    You might think differently twenty years from now. I do a lot of riding in Baja and having that button would be nice. A few of my friends went to other brands for that reason and found out that they missed the reliability of the trusty XR. And if the rumours about the TRX quad line getting the 650 motor are correct, it would make sense that the engineering may include e-start.
  15. TemeculaTim

    Wanted: The Magic Button

    I have heard that the XR line may go away. So do you think we are looking at a CRF650 in the future?