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  1. Ok… So when I said ‘’I am a fast B rider / slow A rider, I'm 6'4'' and 220 lbs’’ I was basing my statement on the fact that I finished top five in some 250 B at some GNCC event and I improve my speed a lot since then. I also raced for 3 years in the pro class here in Quebec and finish in the top 10 a lot of time… But I am not into racing as I used to be so I decide to go down to the intermediate class this year. I still have the speed but I don’t want any injuries… So that’s why I think I’m a B rider, of course if I go in the A class I will get my ass kicked but I don’t think I would finish last… So thank you for ruining the topic skidoorules_9… But it was kind of funny to read your comment ‘’ not to rain on your parade’’ that was a first for me hahahaha! Also if you look at the GNCC result from last year, you will see that the 2 best riders of Quebec province are now finishing top 20 OVERALL at the GNCC.
  2. I am racing intermediate class (expert) here in Quebec.
  3. The reason I go with Factory Connection is that I have worked for them for three years and they have my trust!
  4. Hi guys!! I am currently looking at different option for my next racing season. I am a fast B rider / slow A rider, I'm 6'4'' and 220 lbs. I did my last 3 races last season on a 2015 YZ 250 FX and I really like the bike in his stock form. I know that I must look a bit heavy for the bike, but I don't want a 450FX because we do a lot of single track up here. The suspensions will be revalved by FC in a couple of weeks. For next season, I am looking to get a little bit more out this bike on the power side. I would like to try duplicate the Racerx project bike but for now I am not sure where I will work next summer... http://racerxonline.com/2015/10/07/racer-x-films-2015-yamaha-yz250fx So there is the option I am considering: 1. GYTR power tuner 2. Yoshimura slip-on 3. Yoshimura complete pipe ( I have read a couple of test and it seems to be the winner for overall Hp gain everywhere ) 4. 270cc big bore 5. Hot cams stage 1 I would like to have your opinion on that subject! I don't know where to spend my money... Should I start with the GYTR tuner and a slip-on? Does the full Yoshimura system is a lot better than just the slip on? Should I keep the stock pipe and go with some engine mods? Please let me know what you guys think of this! Thank you!!
  5. mat817

    2011 Crf 450 engine rebuild

    There is nothing wrong or damaged, I never had a problem on that bike and I want to use it for the next racing season. So, I want a fresh engine!
  6. Hi, I have a 2011 CRF 450 with about 80 hours on it. I am going to rebuild the engine form the crank to the top this winter. I would like to know if you guys know if there is some 2012 parts I should use for my rebuild? If there was some updated parts on the 2012 model that would fit in my 2011? Thanks for you help!! Mat
  7. Hi everyone, I have some weird stuff is happening on my 350 the last couple of rides. I am using that bike to race Hare Scramble type events. In one of my last race I start earing some specials noises coming from the bottom of the engine. At first I tought it was some vibration coming from the skidplate or something like that... But the next ride it happen again. When the bike is cold the sound is not there. It only happen when the bike is coming hot, like when I ride tight woods and stuff like that. When it's happening, if I stop the engine and I let it cool down, the noise dissapear and only come back when the bike is hot again. At first my dealer and I tought it was an electrical problem, the sound is like a dzzzzzziiiiii dzzzzzziiiiii, like if I had denude wire and the electric current was jumping off.... But everything was inpected and it's all good. The sound seems to come from the stator side, I disasemble my stator to have a look at the one-way bearing and everything was in good shape as well. I was still in touch with my dealer to find some new idea to spot the problem. I went to the dealer and I rode my bike in the parking until the famous sound came alive again. They told that maybe it was a bearing cage that was vibrating, but it's weird because it only happens when the engine is very hot... So I changed my oil for the third time since it start doing it and this time I did found something. I found some big metal chip on the drain plug magnet... It is not the normal metal we can found on the magnet... After that I disasemble my clutch to see if there was something there. The only thing that I found is that my clutch disc are really worn out, I am surprised that my clutch was still running the friction disc are complety scrap... But there is no sign of metal chip coming off form there... There is some pictures, sorry for the quality... So my question is, did one of you guys have seen this type of problem before? Did you have any idea from where this metal can come from? Thanks for your help!!!!!
  8. mat817

    anyone using....

    I'm also interest, so nobody know????
  9. mat817

    Lauch control

    Hi everybody, when I buyed my bike I've got a Launch control made by Pro circuit. But it wasn't installed on the bike. Do you know were I need to make the hole in fork protector. Thanks Mat
  10. Does someone have some pictures of a honda with yellow background and red numbers? I need to put that on my bike for the hare and scramble next year. But I'm not sure that I like that. Thanks Mat
  11. mat817


    Last summer I start riding my crf 250 05, what a great bike. I've got no problem with it. The only thing is, I always need to re-tight my spokes. On my others bikes that I had before ( ktm and Yam ), I didn't need to do that frequently. all my ohters bikes were equiped of excel rims. So what is the problem is it the spokes , the hubs or the rims? Thank you guys. Mat Sorry for my poor english I'm from Quebec