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  1. Big Pond

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    i got a 200cc Blaster Quad (white)
  2. Big Pond

    Old Aluminum---New Again?

    nice Job. now for the rest of the bike to look that good.
  3. Big Pond

    Old Aluminum---New Again?

    I discovered 2000 grit wet & dry paper the other month. I purchase a new bumper for my quad, I then used some 2000 grit paper and after 5 minuts. I then used some brasso to buff it to a mirror finish, it look real classy. The next time I was down at the club the owner of the shop said where did you pick up that bumper from? I replied from your shop. So get:- 2000 grit wet & dry paper, sand to a dull finish. Buff with Brass Polish (Brasso).
  4. Big Pond

    2001 blaster rear brakes

    i had an 02 blaster, I found that my brakes dint work all that good. I strip the rear down to fine that the caliper cylinder had rusted, restricting the movement. Possible that mite be your problem too??
  5. I got hold of some YFZ450 front shocks, and I got some +2 a-arms. Now what do I have to do to fit them to the front of my Blaster ??
  6. Big Pond

    new top end?

    I did 60 hr on my bike and asked the same question. Answer:- the cost a gasket kit, Then you will fine out if any things needs replacing.
  7. Big Pond

    How to adjust YFZ front shocks?

    nice job, i might do the same to my son blaster. goto.... ATVriders Forums > Sport ATV Information > YFZ450 Information > please help! yfzshocks and no manual good run down on ajastment. Good luck
  8. Big Pond

    New 07 YFZ 450...with problem?

    I had a similar problem with my yfz, took it to an auto electrician no fault found. Had the valve adjusted, swap cdi, etc… still the same problem. Turned out to be that the fuel breather line from the fuel cap was blocked.
  9. Big Pond

    how t oset up your suspension

    Thank You for the info this will be a lot of assistance. :bonk:
  10. Big Pond

    Deceased YFZ450

    Big here, Just a footnote, I am back in the saddle after fitting the 06 engine, thanks for all the info and advice that I have received. Lets see if I can keep the new engine running a lot longer that the old one!!
  11. Big Pond

    Sell an 05 YFZ450 for a 06 YFZ450???

    Sorry… I was given a bum steer. I was toll the oil mod is now standard for the 06 YFZ450. Thank for the info.
  12. I have rubbed back some bad scratches from my guards using some 240 grit with silicon lube followed by 1000 grit and lube. Then buff it up with some compound. How ever I left with a MATT finish. How do I get back the GLOSS look??
  13. Big Pond

    Oil mix ratio on a Blaster

    Thank guys for all the info. I am going to leave the oil pump on the bike which is supplying a 100:1 oil mix and make up the shot fall with pre-mix in the fuel to 32:1. Why you ask, so if I ever forget the per-mix a lease the motor will be getting some oil. Once again thanks.
  14. Big Pond

    How do I put on a dead man switch?

    How did you get on?? I am tolled that if you short the WHITE wire and RED wire to the CDI unit it will work also. Again if your dead man switch close/short circuit, together when the cord of the wrist strap is pulled, go with the above. But dead man switch close/short circuit, together when the cord of the wrist strap is pulled Yes the RED/BLACK wire is the Positive feed to the CDI unit from the off/run switch, yar the fuse may blow!
  15. Big Pond

    Sell an 05 YFZ450 for a 06 YFZ450???

    Only you can make the call to go the new 06 model. Two major changer to consider are the 06 has the oil mod done to it, easer to adjustable chain. If you going to go big bore have the oil mod done to your motor then.