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  1. Ashmite

    Xtrainer 12v for Running Light

    My parents always had Dobermans on their farm when I was a kid. We had 4 red ones at one point. Totally awesome dogs. True story... Kids wanted a dog. Wife did not. I willing to get a Doberman. Wife got 3 (more) kittens. Yeah, Crazy Cat Lady.... But I get a Beta out of that deall! (and I still think I lost)
  2. Ashmite

    Xtrainer Hand Guard install

    How do I get the caps off? I've been twist and pulling on them... Also been Searching, but that usually ends up with a drill... Thx!
  3. Just curious if the Xtrainer grips are two parts (hard cap on the end) or do I need to drill out the ends to install wrap-around hand guards? Thx! --Joel
  4. Ashmite

    Xtrainer 12v for Running Light

    I picked up the Sicass blinker set and flasher realy, so that should be easy. I think I can pull 12v DC from the tail light to power the "Running Light" LED strips that I want to install on the handguards. Shout out to the Dobermans...
  5. Ashmite

    Show me your...BETA !

    I just picked up my new 2018 Xtrainer. I'm short, and moving from a CRF230F, so this should be quite a new experience. I'm definately not a beginner, but it's been a while since I owned a smoker.... Here it is after braving the east coast snow storm, driving from PA to VA yesterday...
  6. I just picked up a new 18 Xtrainer and I must say, I'm Xcited for spring. I drove it home through yesterday's east coast snow storm. While waiting on the certificate of origin from the dealer, I'm going to be working on installing turn signals to get it street legal here in VA I have a set of 12v LED strips that I think I want to mount on the hand guards. I originally bought them to use a turn signals, but I think I want to use them as running lights. After looking at the wiring diagram, I think the best option for getting power would be the parking lamp in the headlight. Does anyone have any better suggestions?
  7. Ashmite

    DR650 Top End Oil Leak

    All, After pulling my DR out of the shed this spring, I discovered a top end oil leak after the first ride. It appears to be around the black round plug on the top, or maybe the top gasket. There's maybe a chance its the oil line, but I don't think so. (See attached) Any thoughts on repair times/costs? I recently lost access to a friend who repaired bikes, and I'm worried about dealer repair costs. I'm located in Leesburg, VA if anyone knows any decent private bike mechanics.
  8. Ashmite

    19" Front Rim

    Does anyone one know of a source for a 19" front rim for my DR650, maybe in the 19" x 2.5" size? I'm not looking to replace both rims, nor spend $600 to do it. Otherwise, I'd aftermarket both new rims. I was hoping to find a suitable replacement, say, off a BMW or something similar that could be purchased cheaply. Thx! --Joel
  9. Ashmite

    MotoZ tires?

    Thx! I guess I didn't toss my search net far enough.
  10. Ashmite

    Too small for a 230?

    My soon to be 6 year old got an XR50 for X-mas. She's just waitng for Spring Thaw here in the East coast. But, I've seen 3 year olds riding as well, so it depends on what their ready for. --Joel
  11. Ashmite

    MotoZ tires?

    Not that we need another tire thread.. but has anyone tried the MotoZ Tractionator Enduro tires? Looking for opinions... Thx --Joel
  12. Ashmite

    Stop the expense of swapping forks!

    For me, I'm too short for the 'better' bikes. Now, I have a bike that the suspension is perfectly set for me and my riding style, and I spent less than the better bike. I can't even touch the ground in a CRF250X or an XR400, which I would have preferred. (28" inseam vs a 36" seat height) My $2K on my bike also included a 135 watt stator and an Electrosport Dualsport kit. I'm very happy with the results and can afford it, so I'm happy to have the work done. --Joel
  13. Ashmite

    Head Lights And Tail Lights

    I just upgraded to a 130 watt stator. I was definatly killing batteries with the headlight kit before. Now I think I can get a way with a 100/55 watt 8" Baja rally light. --Joel
  14. Ashmite

    Stop the expense of swapping forks!

    I just finished my suspension upgrade at the end of this past fall. I can tell you that the CR-85 Front Swap and the Works Rear Swap were worth every penny. After revalving the forks, I'm in my upgrade about $2000. That's divided over about 4 years now. For me, the only reason I have the CRF230 vs the CRF250X is my size. I'm too short to ride the 250X. So I worked the numbers. Currently, my 230 is about the same cost as a 250X stock. The only thing I'm missing at this point other than some horsepower is the rear disk brake. When I rode my 230 after I had the CR-85 forks revalved by Pro-Action, I couldn't believe the difference. My buddy on his stock XR400 could not keep up in the turns. Yeah, I'm missing some top end speed so I won't be doing any racing and such, but I'd take that 230 anywhere and never worry about making it home. And now, I can ride all day and not get beaten up too much. The old suspension was like riding a hay wagon. And I'm still not done with the bike. This winter's task is to finish the street legal kit: get the 8" rally light, LED turn signals, and maybe convert to white plastic. --Joel
  15. Ashmite

    Swapped Forks

    All this talk about what to do with the front end... I just wanted to share my recent experience. I just got back from my first real ride of the summer after getting some work done. When I first bought the 230F back in 05, I very quickly realized that the suspension was not good enough for my riding style. I initially added the Works rear shock, and was amazed at the difference, but it quickly pointed out the poor qualities of the front suspension. So I spent a lot of time on this list (thanks to all!) and against some recommendations opted for the CR85 front end over the older CR125/250 route. But, as predicted, the front was too soft, even when resprung to .42 weight springs. So I decided to send the forks away to a shop in Pittsburgh on recommendation from my buddy who runs his own cycle repair shop. He's an excellent rider and I trust him completely. Turns out it was a Pro-Action shop and I can tell you that the results were well worth it. My ride up at the strip mines in Ramey, PA was amazing. I had no problem keeping up or even pulling away from my buddy on his XR400 in the tight/rough stuff. I'm incredibly impressed. To date, I've dropped nearly $2000 in suspension, given the Works, The CR85 shocks, the Reger kit, and the Pro-Action upgrade and Hi-Comp piston. That brings my grand total to about $5000 for the bike. Still less than a CR125 of the time, or a 250X. I'm completely satisfied with the results. The power, the performance, the handling. I finally have the bike that I always wanted... Now for some cosmetic improvements... White plastic, 8" baja rally light. LED turnsignals. Enjoy! --Joel