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  1. or bobs cycle supply.
  2. I have both a 2005 and 1996 cr250. The handling and suspension on the 05 are lightyears ahead. The power on the 05 is more abrupt in the midrange with a pipe.
  3. the jd kit is well worth it. it did the trick on my 05. your oil out the muffler my be more related to oil mix ratio.
  4. very nice --- verynice
  5. I just bought a 2005 cr250 carry over. The price was right and i like the 2 strokes better. I have ridden 450s before just don't care for them. Until they outlaw 2 strokes thats what i'll ride.
  6. I would agree with bics56 start on the 125 with your weight the lack of bottom end won't be to bad. There is a huge difference between a dirt bike and a quad.
  7. Ill agree with the other posts i love my 96. Doesn,t turn as well as a newer cr but all the rest is good.