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  1. The only problem with your request is that XR650's don't turn with the front tire. Anyone with much 650 experience will tell you to bring the back around, point it and hammer it. That said, tires that work on other bikes rarely work on this monster. Unfortunately 2,500 miles of wear will never be in the same atmosphere with a tire that sticks as well as you seem to want.
  2. Todd is a great guy. Last year he spun some proposed dates for the general public to attend the Ranch, complete with a whole phethora of activites for all including non-riders. I didn't see a bunch of interest.....maybe it was the economy? I talked to Todd at the time about one of the weekends which was Father's Day. Based on what sounded like a lack of earlier interest, he was going to pull the plug on the Father's Day dates. Hopefully I helped talk him out of it because we went for four days and had a blast. With my wife and then 17 year old son in tow we took the three Hondas down and rode all over everywhere. One day Todd took us to a private winery outside of Ojos in the middle of nowhere, where we were invited down into the cellar to join a tasting in progress.....riding gear and all. Another day Rodrigo joined us for a leisurely excursion up into the forest where we checked out the newly built Rancho Casa Verde. He can ride just as good as he can make a margarita. We were hoping Tood was going to ramp this up, but I'm sure he's busy with the new classic car endeavor. Love to see more of this family style ranch activity again one day. Some days you don't even need to ride.....
  3. Joe and Rick Kehoe were burning up the MX scene while Erik and I watched our dads figure out how to keep our YZ80s in one piece. Joe Kehoe still rides and races a bit today.
  4. Unfortunately not old enough to have raced on it, but remember walking it. Some of the berms were there years after..... You Tube: Canyon High School Motocross Race 1975
  5. California

    Agreed.....for the moment my answers lie somewhere between Nashville and Baja.
  6. Brake cable? Terrycable can make you a custom clutch cable and Galfer can make you custom brake lines. I use a Works Connection 450 hot start on my 650 as a compression release and Terry made the custom cables.
  7. California

    That was a fun ride. Alex who?
  8. California

    How did he know Tom? I thought I was the only one.
  9. Looks like a great time.....thanks for the report. It's been a while since we were at Meling and the rooms look like they got a makeover from the outside. Can you elaborate?
  10. Thanks for your input Bill. You may consider that his suspension is actually set up and the others have too little sag and too much compression as evidenced by their bone stock condition. Funny how my 650 feels and looks like it's way too soft but somehow makes it through a day of riding.....
  11. California

    Wrong weekend buddy.....you're supposed to be there next weekend with us at the Avocado Festival. Riding never starts until after the 'Fest, but we'll be late to the dirt again this year.
  12. I'm not a very big guy, my 650 doesn't make that much power and I don't ride very hard. Others may not have the same experience, but DID ERV2's and now ERV3's last me 2 seasons easy. I direct pressure wash them after every ride and never use any lube other than a bit of WD-40 for shine. I tighten the minimal stretch once or twice when new and maybe once again at the end of the first season. Press the master link on and grind it off when they're done. I have no reason to even think of using anything else. Expensive yes and bulletproof too.
  13. California

    If those of you who sent Megan an email didn't get the notification, class registration is open and moved to December 3/4. Junior and I are signed up and we'll likely stay out there Friday and Saturday night in the RV. See you there: http://www.shanewatts.com/schools
  14. California

    We're starting to think about riding but it will be mid-October before we get serious. Looking forward to laying down some tracks with everyone again. Now that I think about it, Cal City is kind of like cheating beacuse it's so flat.....right?
  15. California

    Anybody under 40 is more than welcome to ride along..... I think my wife used to drink some of that Zima stuff back in the 90's. I think I'll get her one of those clutches and some more Zima to go with it. Come on Kriss.....it's not that bad. I've never seen you shy away from a little ride.