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  1. Legalize it - problem solved.
  2. Yea, wheather true or not, their premium has a higher octane rating than in the US. Issue in Mexico though is that you are usually buying gas out of a 50 gallon drum barrel filled by a milk jug. If you ask "es magna" answer is always "Si Amigo" In any case I think the gas down there is just fine, it won't hurt your bike. What would a bigger bore have to do with it?
  3. Not as hard on engine/tranny to down shift versus upshift.
  4. Poke those bubbles with a pin
  5. The best way to add fork oil and ensure you have proper and equal amounts in each leg is to measure with a ruler the depth from teh top of the for to the oil - like a dip stick. To "stiffen" forks you either have to get stiffer springs or increase the weight of your fork oil. Don't mix fork oil weights.
  6. Any old bike would do itself good to replace the piston and rings.