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  1. Sorry for the lack of info . I'm at work. Lol. I'll try the MD region . That seems​ like a good idea. Thanks for your help​.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Here's my deal, engine will need a complete rebuild. I bought a NOS cylinder at a swap meet. I have average mechanical skills however, I'm currently working 6 12 hour shifts a week and really just don't have any time. I've had the bike for a few years now and I would love to just get it running .
  3. Hey guys, I've had a 79 YZ250 for a few years now and I'd like to find somebody to have engine rebuilt. Any recommendations?
  4. Hmm. Now you got me thinking...I really hate that stock spedo anyway. That battery drain is horrible. I posted in the classifieds hoping someone would have a gear laying around. If I have to pay a lot for one I might as well go for the trailtech.
  5. Speedometer stopped working ,removed the screw at the wheel and saw the cable was snapped. i pulled the small gear out of the black housing and the cable seems to be stuck into it. My question is , can i buy just the small gear or do i have to repace the whole black gear housing ?
  6. Thanks for the info & tips. I use a battery tender now with a pigtail . I've been switching it between bikes & boats but I guess I should pick one up just for this bike .
  7. Ok ,Thanks for the info. I was referring to the display. I would like to be able to disconnect it while its sitting not being used. Just wondering if anyone has done something like this .
  8. I'm having the same problem. I've been searching around a bit and am wondering if anybody has installed a switch to disconnect the computer while the bike is sitting?I thought about disconnecting the neg battery cable but thats kinda of a pain to do all the time . Thoughts ?
  9. I've been searching for that info on adjusting the float. Seems kinda confusing so far .
  10. It came with the rebuild kit made for that carb. I did buy it from ebay though. Hmm. I'll have to check to see what brand it was.
  11. Ok .will do , Thanks !
  12. Stock 2006 drz400s BSR
  13. Carb was leaking gas so i cleaned it,replaced the float needle and the o ring behind the seat. First it seemed ok then it started leaking when i started the bike up. Doesnt leak when it runs . Not sure what to do next. I have a manual petcock. Any advise ?
  14. Thank you .
  15. I lost my copy during a computer crash. Could anyone help me out with the download. Thanks , Russ