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  1. mattc522

    My friend on his 250F

    Haha you guys get shitty music over there too.
  2. mattc522

    Question about running out of gas on a 06 cr250r

    It may be that the engine races beacause of the extreme lean A/F mixture. My old Husqvarna did the same thing.
  3. mattc522

    xr400 fork spring question

    Thanks guys. Looks like ill be ordering some .44 springs tomorrow. I'll probably pick up some 10w oil to go along with them.
  4. mattc522

    xr400 fork spring question

    Hey guys. Looking to upgrade the front suspension on the 96 400. Race tech spring rate calculator suggests a .46 or .48 spring rate for my weight, ~200lb. I think this may be a bit extreme since stock is .38, and there is no consideration for what type of riding is done. I dont want to have to do anything to the shock, this is a budget bike, What would be the optimal front spring rate to match the rear shock? Thanks, Matt
  5. mattc522

    SDG high seat?

    I just installed the high seat. It is alot better, but still nowhere near flat.
  6. mattc522

    what jetting?

    Thanks, Glenn. I'll check into all that and see how it goes.
  7. mattc522

    what jetting?

    Thanks guys. I'll check for air leaks. The bike has been sitting a while so there may be a problem with things like that. Instead of a new needle, can I instead just raise the needle?
  8. mattc522

    what jetting?

    Hey I have a 96 xr400 that I just got back running today, though very roughly. It has a pro-circuit slip on pipe and desnorkeled air box. It seems to be overheating and running lean.. popping on decel etc. The pilot is at 2 turns (stock is 2.25) and everything else is at the stock settings. I am in Louisiana, so at sea level warm and humid climate. Please help me with some suggestions for jetting? Thanks Matt