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  1. Thanks alot, guys!!
  2. you won´t believe, same happened to me last sunday!! but my bike had landed without me, and all i had to replace was the handlebar, brake+clutch levers! But one of my lower arm-bones is broken to.. take it easy, man, good luck for fixin´it cheap!
  3. Hello KXF Owners! I´m from austria and over here in the E.U there are going some rumours around, that there is a recall from the factory because of a $5.00 part that must be replaced: a guidance metal sheet of the cam chain or the tensioner??, part number 13271-0169 -dont know its the same in the U.S? Anybody know something about that? thanks, Mario
  4. Hello Team Green! i´ve ridden mine first time on a real track last weekend in Mantova-Italy - and this thing just rips - power and handling - awesome!! best bike i´ve ever ridden! congrats for your new ride!
  5. only 3 hrs. old, starts first kick, best ever lookin´, best ever i´ve ridden!!
  6. Hello, I´m from Austria and still got my new KXF ´06! I´m coming from a ´03 RM 250 and i´m a little bit confused about the 4 Strokes that made it run "unclean"- sorry but my english isn´t that good. Anyway, hope it´s all about Jetting, so how you are running your bikes in Temperatures from 5°C (41°F) to 20°C (68°F) and Altitudes from 300m (980ft) to 800m (2600ft) ?